I really hate the way that I wait until the last minute to take care of things! You’d think I would have learn my lesson by now, but no… Here it is, the night before I leave to New York, and I have nothing ready. No clothes packed, umm, I don’t even have clothes. You see, I had the bright idea that I’d wait til Wednesday and take care of it all then. What I wasn’t planning on was my husband, my parents and my sister being out of town this week, or, my brother having surgery, so therefore, I have no one to help me with the kids while I do my “running around.”
I attempted to take them with me this evening, OH MY GOD, what a disaster!! They were, let me try to remember, oh, yeah,  “tired, bored, hungry, thirsty” oh and they “had to go to the bathroom, their stomachs hurt, their feet hurt.” What else? Oh,  they were fighting, running, jumping, and break dancing. None of my pleas for them to stop worked, so I did what every good mother does… I grabbed them by the arm, took them up to the counter, winked at the sales associate and said angrily, “Excuse me ma’am, could you please *wink* call the police officer who handles the disobedient children *wink* and tell him to please come get my children to put them in the *wink* store holding cell until I’m finished shopping?” *wink*

This lady had kids, I knew it by the way she looked at me. She was saying “good one lady. I’ve got your back on this!:  She picked up the phone and my kids start crying! I’m trying not to laugh because they are totally buying it. ! She hung up the phone and tells them if they agree to behave she won’t call after all. They agreed are were on their best behavior for about 15 minutes. But then they saw the naked mannequins modeling the thongs and all hell broke loose. There is laughing and giggling and things like “hey, watch, I’m gonna touch her vagina!”   

Shopping success NOT achieved.
Needless to stay, I still have all my shopping to do, and cleaning and all the little things I have to take care of before I go. I wonder, will I make my flight on time?

God help me.

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