it never rains in southern california

i got so excited this morning when i looked out and saw it had started to rain. of course, it only rained for a few minutes and i don’t even think you can call it rain, it was more of a drizzle.
i miss the rain, it’s been so dry here. i want it to pour down rain. i love the rain. when it rains, i love to lay on the sofa by the window and listen to the rain fall from the roof onto the ground below. i love to get in my car and drive around when it’s pouring rain. i love seeing the water rush down the street, the puddles. or watching people who forgot their umbrellas as they run for cover to get into their cars.
i love watching my kids play in the rain. i let them go outside when it’s pouring. they run around and scream or jump in the puddles. i love when they pick up sticks and leaves and stand at the edge of the curb, drop the stick into the water running down the street and watch the water carry it out of sight. i used to do that. i used to wish i had a little boat i could get into and just let the water carry me away.
rain *sigh* i miss it and i hope that it starts pouring down any second now!

3 thoughts on “it never rains in southern california

  1. laura

    come to albany…we’ve got rain, snow, sleet — it’s snowing right now. it’s nice and wet and slippery outside. hmmmm..that didn’t sound right and i’m sure you will twist those words into something naughty 😉

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