just what i needed

today i spent some much needed time with my family. it’s been a long time since all four of us have gone out together for some good old fashion fun. i can’t tell you how much we all needed it.
it didn’t start off on a good note. ethan was tired from a sleep over last night and when that kid is tired there is NO reasoning with him. he was crying because he wanted to go to chuck e cheeses and we wanted to surprise them and take them to a mini amusement park. he cried for what seemed like hours, until we finally convinced him that he was going to have fun.

once there we had an amazing time. i have to let you all know, i have the funniest, most entertaining kids that ever lived. argue if you want, but i’m telling you, my kids are hilarious. here is a bit of advice andrew gave ethan about how to fight the funny feeling you get when you’re going down the hill on a roller coaster. “ethan, just make that face like when you’re taking a crap and grunt really loud, like when you’re crapping.” i’m so proud. so wise.

when we were finished on one ride, they didn’t unlock the bars fast enough and andrew freaked out and screamed “OH MY GOD, WE’RE STUCK!” meanwhile, ethan was busy checkin out the ladies. there were some little girls there in cheer leading outfits and he said “”you can see their underwear when they bend over, ya know?” thank you for sharing ethan, i’m sure your dad is so proud.

that time with my husband and kids is just what i needed. i was reminded of what is important in my life. i am loved. i have love all around me. i just have to be more aware of it and appreciate what i have, not dwell on what i can’t have. just to let go and enjoy what’s around me. i watched ethan on one of the rides, he threw his hands up in the air and looked up towards the sky. i snapped a picture and looking at it i think to myself that is how i want to feel. i just want to enjoy every minute of my life i know i will struggle, but i’m going to fight it with all i have. my family is worth the fight. hell, i’m worth it. i deserve to be happy. don’t we all?

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