my boys love to fish. they go with their dad every couple months, but this day i decided to go with them. i am so glad i went. i did a little fishing myself, but mostly, i sat and i watched them. i can’t explain it, but it was the most amazing feeling watching them stand there, talking to each other, or just being quiet, waiting for a fish to bite, realizing they were not only brothers, but had become best friends. it was incredible and when i look at this picture i am reminded of how sweet it is to watch your boys grow and become little men right before your eyes.

9 thoughts on “brothers.

  1. Sonia

    Aww how sweet..
    I love to sit back and watch my little man do the simple things 😉
    The things they do and say are so innocent..
    Glad you enjoyed your day *S*

  2. jewdez

    My lil man is 6 going on 22 – i see this picture and I immediately think of him. How fast they grow…
    But what great memories

  3. Zander

    sniff sniff, nobody ever took me fishing in my entire life. One guy offered one time when we were staying in Aruba, but he um wanted something else, and it wasn’t fish. Your little guys, I HOPE will realize one day how lucky they are to have a mom and dad that do these things with them.

  4. MH2

    aw! my little man is 10 months old and I have this fun stuff to look forward to! He just had his first hair cut and it about killed me to think of how fast he’s growing all ready!
    Lucky girl, you!!

  5. Mad Bull

    Great picture. It does capture all the things you spoke of. I haven’t done a lot of fishing myself, but it looks cool.
    Hey Zander. Tell us more about that fishing trip nuh?

  6. Tracy

    My Gramps used to take me fishing. I hate fish. But it wasn’t about actually eating the fish, it was about hanging out together, and I think your boys totally get that.
    I think you need to save that picture for when they’re older. I think they’ll both cherish those memories.

  7. Zander

    Ummmmmmmm no Mad Bull you DONT want to know about the fishing story. He wasn’t fishing for fish, just boys. nuf said. not a pleasant memory.

  8. Kevin

    Thanks Yvonne that was an awsome story about the boys 🙂 “realizing they were not only brothers, but had become best friends” … if i wasn’t so manly like that would make me misty-eyed 🙂

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