Please, no more balls.

The boys came in my room today at 6:30 in the morning. They asked if they could lay with me. I told them yes, but they had to be quiet because I was sick and I had a headache. Well, my boys can’t be quiet, as hard as they tried, they started talking and somehow a debate broke out as to who was hairier, the dog or their dad.
Well, you know what that discussion led to, right? Yep, hairy balls. An argument broke out as to whether dogs balls were hairy. Andrew said “only humans have hairy balls.” To which Ethan replied, “I’m going to go check willies balls.” Oh. my. God. I jumped up and told them I didn’t want to hear hairy balls come out of their mouths ever again, I’m tired of hearing hairy balls. And I told Ethan he was not going to go check the dogs balls.
What the hell is it about boys and balls? I swear, that’s all I hear all day. Everytime I turn around, I hear some kind of conversation about balls. If it’s not hairy balls, it’s itchy balls, or sweaty balls, or basketballs, or tennis balls or soccer balls, hard balls, soft balls, I have to scratch my balls, you hit me in the balls, My ball is flat, he won’t give me my ball back, my ball went over the fence… I can’t take it anymore. I’ve had it up to here with balls. (yes, I just held my hand way above my head) The sad thing is they never out grow it. They grow up and it’s, I need to adjust my balls, don’t leave me with blue balls, suck my balls, dude, you gotta alot of balls…
It’s all about the balls, isn’t it boys?

20 thoughts on “Please, no more balls.

  1. bozzy

    hehe, you’re right. They don’t grow out of it, or at least thats just me…but lets just hope that they haven’t or will forget the southpark episode where chef sings “suck on my chocolate salty balls” referring to CANDY if you dont watch that show.
    now will you excuse me, i have to scratch my balls. :p

  2. dave

    🙂 head head head head 🙂
    Whenever I need a pick me up at home, I blast Chef’s “Salty Balls.” Always puts a smile to my face…

  3. Zaldor

    LOL – Bozzy and Dave beat me to it – when balls are discussed, that song plays in my head…
    But makes ya wonder, with all this “ball” fascination – if they’re ever going to be interested in Boobs?

  4. yvonne

    goooooood question….. or what about the “thrustin of the pelvis to make them flap up and down”???? what’s up with *that*??

  5. Kevin

    “Huh-huh. She said balls.”
    I can’t believe you said, “…hairy balls come out of their mouths…” to you boys! They’ll be scarred for life! 😉

  6. zander

    Dudette!!! You should live in a house with 14 boys in it. Well make that 16 counting houseparent and his little boy! Balls are MOSTLY the topic of conversation it seems. LOL Speaking of which, my mouse isnt working quite right……….I think it needs it’s BALL cleaned! hehehe

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