You’re all I ever wanted.

I have a secret.
A secret that is dying to be revealed because it hurts too much to hold it inside.
I toss and turn at night wondering what people would think of me if they knew this secret. I think people would hate me, hate me and laugh at me.
I am ashamed, yet at the same time I’m not. I can’t help how I feel.
I have to let it out before it kills me, I can’t hold it in anymore.

I looooooooooves me some N’Sync. Do you know how bad I want them to release a new record? I listen to their cd’s, even when my boys aren’t home. I know the dance moves to “bye bye bye”. I don’t care what you think. They can sing and they can dance.

14 thoughts on “You’re all I ever wanted.

  1. Meredith

    I was going to declare my love for you on Love-In Day, but now that I know this little tidbit, I’m not so sure…
    Kidding, of course – you know I love you!!! Thanks for being you… you ROCK!

  2. jen

    heh…i took jr. to see them in concert….and she had to PRY the binoculars away from me….
    “how OLD ARE they????” i demanded…
    “mom, too young for YOU!” is all she would answer.
    silly jr.
    i loves ya girlie…let’s get us some sync action.

  3. ginadapooh

    Just stoppping by to tell you that I love reading you. I can identify with so much that you say, and just don’t have the guts to post. I love the way you can make me feel one moment like I just want to make everything better for you, and the next moment I am laughing so hard I think I am going to pee!!

  4. Rach

    When my brother was 13, he met Chris Kirkpatrick. They had a brief chat, and then my brother took off. Later, a girl said Chris Kirkpatrick asked her “Where was that cute guy I was talking to?”
    I wonder….
    I won’t laugh at you..If I knew no one would ever find my dirty little secret, I’d listen to them too…
    But I don’t. Not at all. 😛

  5. Ratna aka Trisha

    Yvonne…I read today that they’ll be releasing their new album end of this year.
    Errrr…actually, I’ve been having wet dreams about Justin for some time now *blush*

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