Fat sucks.

If I wasn’t fat, I’d go to the beach today and enjoy the sunshine and the cool breeze.
If I wasn’t fat, I’d go shopping and buy myself some sundresses, shorts and tank tops.
If I wasn’t fat I’d buy season passes to Raging waters.
If I wasn’t fat, I’d go to a spa and have my body rubbed down with salt scrub and get a full body massage.
If I wasn’t fat I’d call friends and go dancing tonight.
If I wasn’t fat, I’d enjoy my life so much more.
It’s my fault I’m this way, milkshakes are good but they’re the reason I am not going to enjoy my summer.
Why the hell won’t I stop putting that kind of shit into my body and eat what’s good for me so I can be comfortable and healthy again?
I weigh as much now as I did when I was 9 months pregnant. You’d think that would stop me from making milkshakes, but it doesn’t…
I’ve thought about having my jaw wired shut, but I could still drink milkshakes, so what would be the point?
Weight issues suck. I’ve always had them, but I’ve never let myself get this heavy, ever. I’d always do something drastic, like starve myself or take laxatives, as soon as I’d put on a few pounds. But I have no desire to do those kinds of things now.

26 thoughts on “Fat sucks.

  1. Babz

    I don’t give a damn what anyone says…99% of those bitches who “eat whatever they want” and stay thin are able to do so because they yak it all up before it gets digested. Such a crock of shit.
    Know what? Screw the pounds. You can do all of those things and more. Screw what the masseur/euse thinks, too, or the attendants at Raging Waters, or the bouncers at the club (dancing is great exercise, by the way)! You’re paying these people, directly or indirectly, to provide you a service. Judging you isn’t in their job description, and you’ll never see them again anyway. Fly, be free, and flaunt yo’ beautiful ass!!

  2. pita

    I’m gonna say this “as a fat chick”…
    Who Fucking cares? (wait, hear me out)
    So, you might be a little overweight. Yes, you may very well choose the wrong things to put into your body. But, your gorgeous and you have an amazing personality. Do NOT let the fat stop you. Do NOT allow it to consume your life.
    It does not MAKE you who you are!
    Now, stand in front of a mirror and repeart:
    I AM beautful. I AM smart. I AM damn funny!!! And that’s ALL that matters and who gives a rats ass what ANYONE else thinks!
    now go to the beach or get that salt scrub. mmm that sounds heavenly! 😛
    (ps. it just upsets me so much to see (read) you no wanting to do anything because of this weight. Sorry if that didn’t come out the right way)

  3. gnome-girl

    girl you owe to me to go and represent my non beach going ass today cause it’s fucking freeezing here and don’t even go there with the “i’m fat shit” cause you know i know where you live and i’ll hunt you down and smack ya!
    and I of course say all this in LOVE 🙂

  4. sean

    Hey I don’t know you, but I will say this–
    Confidence is sexy.
    Boobs and booty are very very sexy.
    Skinny is HIGHLY overrated.
    The sexiest people I’ve met are invariably less than rail-thin.
    Find your own beauty, whatever it may be, and roll with it. That’s the key to being happy with yourself I think.

  5. :: jozjozjoz ::

    All I can say is that remember you didn’t want to go to the Meatspace because you were having weight issues & you ended up having the best time!?
    Don’t hold yourself back over something like this!

  6. Erica

    But… but… but… if you stop drinking milkshakes then I can’t lick them off of you! Seriously, you’re gorgeous and a terrific person. And you should get that massage, fer real.

  7. Buzz

    You’re fat? When did that happen? Last time I saw you (today online) you were:
    Beautiful! Vivacious! Sexy! Funny as hell! Wacky AND Wonderful!! Not to mention boobalicious! Caring! Loving! (believe me, I could go on. You are very special.)
    But fat? No, I don’t think so, Yvonne.
    And we love you.

  8. laura

    i was just thinking i could go to my pool today since i’m home and it’s gorgeous out, but there’s no way i’m putting on a bathing suit. But to not go dancing???? Blasphemy! never let ANYTHING stop you from going dancing.

  9. Jane

    Let’s see here…
    If you were skinny, you could never eat, cause that’s the only way anyone stays thin. You would also probably have to puke it up all the time, too, like the other poster here said.
    If you were skinny, sitting anywhere for more than 15 minutes would make your ass hurt from the lack of cushioning.
    If you were skinny, your face would be wrinkled. Being heavier smooths out all those lines.
    If you were skinny, and you put on even a pound, it would be pointed out to you constantly. Who the hell needs that?
    Most all, if you were some rail thin skank, you would not be Yvonne, who is very smart, wickedly funny and has a beautiful woman’s body.
    I know what I’m saying, too, cause I used to be very thin, around 110 pounds. It was a major fucking job to stay that way. I quit smoking and got very fat..am now 195 pounds. But I’m way happier and I figure if people don’t like the way I look or feel they got to judge me by my weight, fuck ’em! They are not worth my time.
    Now go treat yourself to that massage or hang at the beach. You deserve it.

  10. Texas T-Bone

    Our department secretary lost 100 pounds on Weight Watchers in less than a year. The WW points system, coupled with light, regular exercise, helped her do it. She has kept it off by staying in the program and doing nothing more than walking for exercise. She looks great, but more important, she feels better.

  11. Amy

    Being skinny doesn’t change who you are on the inside or how you feel about yourself. 1 1/2 years ago, I could have written the exact same words you wrote here today. There is a better life, Yvonne… and there is a REASON you can’t put down the food as much as you will yourself to. And it’s not your fault. I hope you open yourself up to the recovery that is available for you… and that you find it. E-mail me if you want to… I can complete relate.

  12. Mad Bull

    I know how you feel… but you know what? Resolve to do something about the weight problem from now on, and then get out to the beach, baby! Don’t let it hold you back one bit!

  13. Bert

    I don’t know about other guys, but the women who catch my eye aren’t the bean-poles. I have always been more attracted to women with a little extra to them. My wife and I have been together since early high school and guess what? She wasn’t a bean-pole, but she was beautiful. Just as you are.

  14. Edgar

    Your saying that is like a dolphin calling itself a whale. And its possibly damaging to legitimate fat people every where. If you can’t go outside, why should someone who’s really fat ever go outside?
    Half of the people that come to your website are hoping for another glimpse of your body in some way. If you where really fat, that probably wouldn’t be the case.
    Oh and please stop requiring an email address. It just gives spammers an oppourtunity.

  15. Keeler

    Dude, I don’t even know you. I’ve never seen you in analog, and never really talked to you. But I think I’m in mad love with you. Weight is just a number. Numbers don’t mean anything, unless it’s like on a hotness scale, in which case you score a perfect ten.

  16. robin

    I’ve always had problems with my weight. When I was pregnant I got horrible stretch marks, and they are still very noticable. I don’t care to tell you how much I weigh either 84 kilos. I don’t know it in lbs. cause I live in germany and I only have a scale that reads in kilos.
    But, I’ll be damned if that is going to stop me from getting a massage.

  17. Jaime

    Those bitches don’t exist girl. They aren’t real. They are just a scare tatic designed to shock you into weight loss. Besides, you should go to the spa, let it all hang out and tell the skinny spa girl to rub extra scrub into that roll at the bottom of your ass! Well that’s just my opinion!

  18. Joelle

    no offense, danelle, but you don’t need phentermine to lose weight. Drugs aren’t the answer. just my .02.
    and toots, I’m gonna email you my comment.

  19. LisaC

    Yvonne- I can so totally relate. I have more than 30kg to lose. Around 70 pounds- and that is not even going to put me in the thin range. My blog is all about this crap.
    But Yvonne losing weight isn’t the whole issue. I have seen people lose weight and still be unhappy. Get yourself down to the beach- the only persons opinion of yourself that matters is yours. If you are confident and don’t give a shit about what other people think you will be happier- and then you could start the journey to better health. It is hard. If it was easy there wouldn’t be so many books etc out there. But you have to make a firm decision to do it and be committed otherwise no weight loss program will work in the long term.
    Goodluck and many hugs,

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