I miss you

I remember the moment I heard it in on the news.
R&B singer Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash…”
My heart dropped to my stomach and I cried. I couldn’t believe it.
She was amazingly beautiful, her smile was captivating, her voice, mezmerizing. I loved watching her dance. To me, she was an angel. I miss her so much. I still can’t believe she’s gone.
She was one celebrity I truly admired because of her grace, her beauty and her gentle spirit.

14 thoughts on “I miss you

  1. Mace

    I don’t care for the kind of music Aaliyah sang so I never really knew who she was. I just get a bad image in my head about something I heard R. Kelly did to her when ever I hear her name.

  2. gojou

    The truely sad thing is that her death was avoidable. The plane she died in was overloaded and too heavy — upon her orders, according to some in the media.

  3. Darren

    Wasn’t she suppose to have a role in the Matrix Reloaded? Does anyone know the role she was cast for? Obioulsy it never happened but I thought she did film a few scenes before her death

  4. Rach

    I honestly wasn’t a fan of hers. Adam wasn’t either. I knew who she was, could sing along to her popular songs, but never really went further then that but I do remember when I saw the news flash across the screen on MTV.
    :”Oh honey! Aaliyah died.”
    :”she died in a plane crash…”
    We both were so sad. I think we both had tears in our eyes…

  5. Rach

    BTW: Darren: Aaliyah was cast as Zee. The sister to the brothers that died in the first Matrix. She’s the one on Zion all pissed off cuz the ship rarely ports….

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