I know because I have a degree in washing.

The word WASH. Let’s talk about it for one minute, shall we?
It is not pronounced W-U-S-H. Nor is it W-O-R-S-H.
You do not wush your hair, you wash it. You do not worsh your clothes, you wash them.

20 thoughts on “I know because I have a degree in washing.

  1. skurdycat

    I’m with you! I absolutely cannot STAND when people mispronouce wash. My manager does and I always say “can you spell that out for me?” and it pisses her off, so I continue to do so. 🙂

  2. Nicole

    If you want to be driven absolutely insane one day, come on over to Philadelphia. It’s always “warsh” this and “warter” that. Argh!

  3. girl

    *snort* don’t ever come visit me when Boy’s parents are around then. lol. his dad is a good ol’ Southern Louisiana boy with a godawful accent.

  4. Sunidesus

    A friend from elementary/middle/high school always said “pin” instead of “pen”. Drove me nuts when she asked for one or the other, never knew what to hand over.

  5. Mace

    Those darn southerners. I once had a friend from down there. We gave him crap all the time about how to pronounce wash. Window is another one. It is a window not a winder.

  6. Dixie

    one that kills me….yaller instead of yellow…of course dont get me wrong I have a sweet suthun accent myself but down here…only the yankees talk funny 🙂

  7. keith

    I’m one of those Cajuns from SW Louisiana that drove all my teachers nuts, because I didn’t speak like everyone else. I actually pronounced things the way they were shown in the dictionary. I knew early on, I was some kind of stranger in a strange land.

  8. girl

    Keith, that sounds exactly like my boyfriend. He doesn’t have an accent at all. He lived in Louisiana until he was 18, Mississippi for a year for school, and now Texas for the last 5 years and he has absolutely no Southern accent. yet his entirely family does.

  9. rickg

    Lookit, lemme axe youse a question. Does ah sounds dummer when ah talks like thisahere?

  10. Hey Lisa

    I am a true pronunciation freak. I can’t stand “yallow” for yellow, “all” for oil (like my husband does), “nucular” for nuclear, “worsh” for wash, “melk or pellow” for milk or pillow, and “pin” for pen. I’m a snob, but I think mispronouncing things makes people misspell things and I can’t STAND it. My grandmother used to say “rench” instead of “rinse” – another one that bugs the snot out of me.

  11. keith

    I have a cartoon clipped somewhere that depicts the warning sign on a tall chain-link and razor-wire fence outside a nuclear energy site. The sign read:
    “No one admitted past this point who says nucular.”

  12. theresa

    Any time I hear someone say that, I want to yell at them “THERE IS NO R IN WASH!”. My boyfriends mother says it that way, and I used to have a geography teacher that said that capital was “warshington”. Drove me nuts.

  13. dana michelle

    Hey Lisa, I am so TOTALLY with you on this. I am an absolute pronunciation Nazi. I don’t so much have a problem with regional pronunciations (like southern or east coast dialects) as I do with people that just plain say things wrong. It’s like they don’t pay any attention to how he word is spelled. I don’t understand why someone hasn’t pulled George W. over and told him how to pronounce
    “nuclear” yet. I love him dearly but I cringe every time he mangles it.
    Another one that sets me of is people that say reLAty and reLAtor instead of reALty and reALtor. Excuse me, I’m starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it.

  14. girl

    I’m afraid that I am one of those “melk” and “pellow” people. it’s a midwestern thing. as if pronouncing roof like a dog. my boyfriend always says, “It has 2 O’s!” 😛 I can, however, spell like a pro. I am the spelling and grammar whore. “nucular” drives me fucking crazy!

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