If only wishes came true

I wish that women didn’t base their self worth on how a man treats them, but instead learned to find the good and beauty inside of them and learned to love themselves.
I wish that people would take responsibility for their own actions and quit blaming everyone else for their problems.
I wish that every child was born to a mother and father who loved them and cherished them as though they were angels sent from heaven instead of neglecting, beating and belittling them.
I wish that people were honest and spoke truths instead of lies and hurtful, untrue gossip.
I wish that people would look to the heart of a person instead of judging them on their appearance.
I wish that elderly people were given respect and love instead of being abused, mocked and disregarded as though they weren’t human.
I wish that people didn’t have to live on the streets or in cars and that every person could go to bed full and content instead of starving and cold.
I wish that people could admit when they were wrong and just say sorry.
I wish people would realize the world doesn’t revolve around them.

6 thoughts on “If only wishes came true

  1. keith

    i agree with everything you wished, especially the first one and last two. it would be so much nicer for everyone all around.

  2. Gordon the All Knowing and Self Actualized

    The world doesn’t revolve around me? You’re killing my sense of reality.

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