Some things I will never understand.

I will never understand why people LEAVE THIER CHILDREN LOCKED IN CARS WITH THE WINDOWS ROLLED UP. What the hell are these people thinking? What is so hard about taking your children inside with you????? I can say I have never nor will I ever leave my kids in the car. It doesn’t make any sense.
Yesterday, a woman left her 2 foster children in her Escalade for 5 hours while she went inside the day care she works at. It was 100 degrees outside. She came back to find the kids dead. How senseless.
It angers me so much. My sister found a new born baby in a car last summer and freaked out. She called 911 and almost broke the window of the car because she said the baby stopped crying, she thought the baby might be dying. The police came and at the same time the mother came running out. She was shopping at Old Navy while her baby was burning alive in the car. What kind of human being actually thinks leaving your child in a car is even an option? What the fuck is wrong with people?

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  1. Joelle

    What!?! The part that really pisses me off is the woman worked at a fucking day care! A DAY CARE!!! Hi, there are kids there! Why not bring yours in, too, you irresponsible, poor excuse for parental existance.
    ok, sorry. that just pisses me off.

  2. a different Bill

    Sigh. I don’t know where to begin one stories like these any more. I really want to see this woman locked in a car till she dies. I really do. And at the same time I want to evaluate why she felt that locking her children in a car while she was at work was the best choice she could make. I just don’t understand anyone thinking that is a good idea.

  3. a different Bill

    Joelle, not that any of this is an excuse, but she probably was not allowed to bring her kids in. Not without paying. Daycare’s have pretty strict rules about the number of children present vs. number of workers. My stepson’s aunt does daycare from her home and he’s only allowed to go over and play with his cousins on certain days of the week when one of the kids she watches isn’t there.
    Bottom line, if she had no one to watch her kids, she should have stayed home. If she had gone to her boss and asked about the kids coming inside, her boss would have sent her home. So she loses a days pay because she has no one to watch her kids. Small price to pay for your kids still being alive, but what if the money from that job was all she had to put a roof over their head and food on their table? Again, it’s no excuse, but I’d really like to see some of these choices that disadvantaged parents have to make get a little easier.

  4. Shane

    Some people should be stripped of having kids or adopting. That’s just sad and so fucked up. This is where tougher laws need to come into effect and prosecute the hell out of people like that.

  5. KB

    I did this once last week. I left my son locked in the car. The big differences are he’s six, the car was running with the AC on, and I was gone for a shorter time than it would’ve taken to help get him in and out of his booster seat.
    Negligence on my part?

  6. Michael

    I have never left my son alone in the car. Never. Not even to pay for gas.
    KB: it takes less time to break into your (already running) car than it does to get your son out of his booster seat. *VROOOOM*. Car gone. Son gone.

  7. Kevin

    If I had walked buy a car that was locked up with a child inside and no one around, you bet your fuckin ass the window would be broke first and THEN I would call the cops.
    I don’t care if you just went inside to buy some fucking milk, your a damn parent be resonsible.

  8. laura

    dang….that gave me chills. fuckin stupid people!!
    A similar story happened out here in San Jose a year or so back. This guy had his 6-7 month old baby son in his car seat, went by a friends house, went inside, left his son in the car and just played some video games!!! TOTALLY lost track of time, came out to the car to find his poor little boy dead. I don’t get it either…..why not just take the kid inside with you??? This guy said he totally forgot he had his son with him!!!! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! some people shouldn’t breed.

  9. dj mo fo

    she should be locked in the car with the heat on when it’s 100 degrees outside.
    people do this to their pets too all the time. sickening.
    as for bill’s comments, in a way i agree. work need to make day care more available for people or something so people don’t make dumb sacrifices in order to earn a buck.
    as an adoptee, it sickens me to see who the foster care system gives kids to.

  10. Azure

    i can’t even say anything to that except it just sickens me that people don’t stop to THINK about what could happen to their child…or that they don’t even care…:(

  11. girl

    I tend to feel the same way about people that bring their dogs with them and leave them in the car. even when the window is cracked, it’s fucking HOT in the car. I see it down here in SE Texas all the time, when it’s in the mid-90’s with a heat index of around 110 nearly every day. one time, back in Michigan, several years ago, I saw a pretty big dog with it’s head out the window in a blacktopped parking lot and you could tell the poor thing was hot. I went into the mall, did my thing, came out about an hour later and he was still there. so I went back into Penney’s (where I worked at the time) and got a big bowl of water from our breakroom and held it up to the window for him to drink and called the ASPCA and reported the asshole. I told them I wanted to remain anonymous and left shortly after they sent someone over. stupid people should not be allowed the responsibility of having children or owning pets.

  12. Geoffrey

    I saw a child in a car in a parking lot once. It wasn’t an infant, but the kd was 14 months. I don’t know, maybe that’s an infant. What the hell do I know about kids. I sat there and watched the car for 10 minutes. When no one came out, I DID break the window THEN call 911. The cops got there before the lady. I gave my statement, then left.
    The bitch sued me, and lost. The cops charged her with a variety of crap. I don’t know what ever became of it.

  13. Erica

    1. I can’t believe this shit still fucking happens. How many kids (and animals) need to die before people get a fucking clue?
    2. If I read correctly, the woman owned the daycare.

  14. Brenda

    That is soo horrible.. ppl like that make me sick.. It is your child TAKE CARE OF THEM!!! I have 4 children and yeah it is a pain but I have NEVER left my kids in the car for ANY amount of time, Nor will I EVER do that. Ppl are sick… it makes my heart ache so bad to think how they suffered… :o(

  15. AntGrad

    I hate to come across all Ned Flanders but isn’t this all a bit insensitive after what happened to Dania’s poor dog? I know that was purely an accident and Dania wouldn’t think about leaving the dog in the car on purpose, but maybe she might not want us reminding her that it’s not a good thing.

  16. yvonne

    I was totally unaware what had happened to Dania’s dog, I’ve been a selfish blogger lately and haven’t been doing much reading. I will talk to her, she knows I love her and would never want to hurt her. This is so different, purposely leaving a CHILD in the car… thanks for letting me know tho…

  17. Jessica Parker

    I hate even leaving my dog in the car even when the windows are wound down. I’d never EVER leave a child in a car ever, but I have left my dog in the car (never in the heat or in the sun) for a few minutes when I can still actually see her.
    She always gets a drink in the car and I never take my eyes off her. If I was allowed to take her inside with me I would. Sometimes you’re just out with a dog and you need to do things, but you can take kids anywhere.

  18. Michael

    No way! You can’t take the kids into the bar, or the casino, or the xxx movie! So you just have to leave them in the car.
    And if you need smokes, or beer, or other important stuff, you know, it takes a long time to release those straps on junior’s baby/toddler/booster seat, so who can be bothered? Just leave the little bugger in there. He can fend for himself! He has before, like when you left him in the bathtub while you answered the phone…
    I have no respect for anyone who does any of the above. I am the first to admit to a certain degree of laziness, but it never extends to the safety of my child. Never.

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