The sweetest love I’ve ever known.

I was laying on the couch talking to my husband and I glanced over and saw a picture in a frame of me and my son, Ethan. I’ve looked at this picture hundreds of times and it always makes me smile, but today when I saw it, it touched me. An overwhelming feeling of love and pride came over me and I said out loud…
I am a Mother“.
I started to cry.
I have two amazing, beautiful children to love everyday when I wake up. I have cared for their every need since the day they were born. I woke up with them every 2-3 hours when they were infants to feed them the milk of my breasts, I would sing to them to soothe them when they were crying, I lived to make sure that they were safe, warm, fed, clean, happy and loved.
I think I have lost sight of how blessed I am to be a mother. I don’t ever want to take it for granted. It is the best thing about me. My children are the greatest thing I have.
They are my life.
Their pictures always remind me of how lucky I am. They remind me of the unspeakable joy I have in my life. I remember the night I wanted to end it all. I looked up and saw their sweet faces smiling at me. Their love saved me.
They are the reason I am still alive.
Thank you, God, for my children, for the priviledge of being called “Mommy.”
From the bottom of my heart.
Thank you.

18 thoughts on “The sweetest love I’ve ever known.

  1. melly

    The milk of your breasts.
    They should put that on a mother’s day card or some shit.
    I would be happy to have those boys too. That’s why I plan on stealing them.

  2. Crazy Tracy

    “They are the reason I am still alive.”
    *You* are the reason you are alive. *You* are the one who fought the demons and battled those internal monsters. *You* are the one who considered the consequences and made the right choice. *For* them perhaps, but in the end, ultimately, it was you. In my line of work, I see all too often the tragedy of people making the wrong choice…and the love for their children was not enough to stop them from pulling the trigger. Bless the light in your own mind, and give yourself credit for having won that particular war.

  3. Gordon the All Knowing and Self Actualized

    If only your friend Jennifer (Piehole) understood motherhood like you do. While we taxpayers support her though college and her kid eats that controversial “free lunch” – she’s off on vacation in Hawaii as we speak. I guess it does pay to “use” the system.l

  4. whistler

    Just from the picture, it looks like you and your kids have fun together. That’s what matters the most. I hope someday that my child and I will share a similar relationship.
    My goal is to hear….”Daaaaaad, you’re embarassing me!!!”
    Ahhh, ambitions in life are pricess!!!

  5. girl

    Gordon, I understand that you’re trying to make a point, but it’s a point that’s been argued on this blog for far too long. for once can we just leave a touching post about motherhood and Yvonne’s love for her kids as it is and not try to start a flame war? the whole thing has gotten so fucking tiresome.

  6. dj mo fo

    jen (piehole) is NOT on vacation. she’s seeing her son and family. and if she WAS on vacation back to her hometown, that is her right.
    and so fucking what that she was in the free lunch/breakfast program? she had every right to use it.
    any single parent has the right to use it.

  7. Gordon the Magnificent

    For the record:
    Jennifer and I have amends about the slanderous things we have said about one another. Seems there were alot of misunderstandings. She strikes me as a wonderful mom and I retract what I said above. The subject is offically dropped.

  8. dj mo fo

    because you deem it so?
    and yes, single parents have the RIGHT to use the free lunch/breakfast if they need it.
    don’t you read the whole argument? no, you read “free food” and “right”, put it together and *woomp* that is your retort.

  9. Gordon the Magnificent

    di mo fo,
    Can you find free food in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution anywhere? Free food is a government subsidized (by taxpayers) program. It is not a right. Try to find a document that states free food is a right. Go to the bookstore and get US GOVT for Dummies and start reading.

  10. dj mo fo

    Ok fine, if you want to get down with semantics…it’s not a ‘right’. However, single parents should use the program if need be.
    So, what is your story? Why are you so angry and why do you like to argue with EVERYONE? Did you have to walk 5 miles to school every day while carrying 50lbs book bags?

  11. David Strain

    You and your children are just gorgeous and look so beautifully happy together. That is a blessing like no other in this world, isn’t it? Best wishes to you all.

  12. Gordon the All Knowing and Self Actualized

    di mo fo,
    I think Yvonne just wants us to drop this. Feel free to throw the last word in if you like, but i’m done.

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