Another broken heart.

This is just unbelievable.
We came home tonight and Ethan ran straight to his room to pet his new hamster, you know, the one I bought to mend his broken heart from the death of his pet cricket, Jibbity? That hamster?
“Mom, Missy’s not moving and I’m petting her.”
Yes. Missy died.
Ethan is a wreck, once again, another broken heart.
I feel so bad for him. You have no idea.
No more pets, I can’t go through this again. I’ve got to think of something that will make him happy that can’t freakin’ die!
R.I.P Missy.
Double ugh.

28 thoughts on “Another broken heart.

  1. Tanya

    Awww 🙁 We’ve been there. L’s first hamster died. The second one lived three months before it died. Now we have fish and birds… and cats, too many cats (want a kitten? LOL)

  2. Christy

    The only pet I can think of that will survive damn near anything (including nuclear holocaust) is a Texas Cockroach.
    I read that for kids 8+ the better pet choices are rabbits, frogs/iguanas, ferrets, or kittens.
    Just don’t get any sea monkeys, whatever ya do!

  3. Jessy

    I’m going to second the pet rock idea.
    I mean really, his luck may strike down another defenseless pet! And then what will you do?
    Pet rock all they way.
    Oh wait, maybe a turtle?! Those are hard to kill. Or so I heard. Plus, if it dies he won’t know right away…

  4. James

    I think Missy was afraid you were gonna give her a haircut like Snoop.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    My sincerest condolences for Ethan and the family.

  5. rousiecat

    Aww. I remember when my guinea pig died. I was a wreck. I cried for days and I was 35 years old! He would always whistle for me when I came in at night from work and could eat watermelon faster than any human alive lol. I miss ya Skunker Doo.

  6. dana michelle

    Poor Ethan! Two heartwrenching life lessons in less than a week 🙁 That’s way more than a kid his age should have to handle. I was 10 for my first pet death.
    Give the little guy a (((hug))) from me !

  7. ed

    Get him an XBOX. All you have to feed it is money at $50 a game….. but lately I’ve been rocking the Blockbuster freedom pass – $19.99/$34.99 a month for 1 or 2 games out at a time with no time limit…
    Gamecube is only $99….same gamepass applies.
    XBOX goes for $114 on PS2 is about the same through the same site..
    I’m getting a little bored with gaming overall – does he want mine? =p
    Sony’s Aibo robot dog is killer too – just pricey….

  8. tj

    wow, way to desensitize your kid there. why don’t you just get him some roadkill and tell him it USED to be alive.
    i’m kidding of course. you already have a dog, get another one. or get a cat. get something that the whole family can take care of and enjoy, but you can tell him it’s his!

  9. ed

    2 in a row might be a red flag….is the cage on the other side of a wall next to the kitchen….maybe near a faulty microwave oven??

  10. angel_lovr

    Dr. Phil had a show about losing your pets. Don’t know if you caught it but he says don’t get another pet right away if one dies. Unfortunatley that was all I got out of that show since i was just passing by the boob tube. But I personally tend to agree with many of Dr. Phils antics. So wait. talk to ethan about and after time you can make a good choice of pets. Good Luck

  11. gojou

    So sorry to hear about Ethan’s pets — that sure is one crappy run of bad luck. I hope the little guy’s dealing with it OK.
    Aside from helping Ethan deal with Missy’s death, you should definitely go back to that pet store and get either a refund or another hamster. You have the right to the expectation that it would live longer than two days.

  12. Em

    I once had two goldfish named after that show. What show, what was the damn name. It had Jane Curtain in it I think? Anyway, two female goldfish. (totally assuming they were female) They both died at once! While I was at camp. It was devastating.
    Make sure you get a proper burial. That helped my 8 year old heart cope.

  13. gojou

    Here’s a story: One year when we were kids my sister’s class kept a pet hamster. The kids took turns taking the hamster home on weekends.
    My sister’s turn fell on a holiday weekend, so we would have the hamster for three days instead of two. As it happened, we had a camping trip planned for that weekend, but no worries — we already had a hamster at home, so we just put the class hamster in with our hamster, left plenty of food and water for both, and went on our trip.
    When we returned three days later, we were treated to the sight of one and a half hamsters — our hamster had decided to eat the class hamster. Apparently hamsters are somewhat… ahem… cannibalistic.
    Not only did my sister (10 at the time, IIRC) have to deal with the trauma of a dead class hamster, she also had to explain to the teacher and the class what had happened. Of the four of us she was the biggest animal lover, which only made it harder on her.

  14. Joelle

    how ’bout a goldfish? They’re cheap and if it cacks, you can sneak out and replace it and he’ll never know?
    I’m sorry to hear about your hamster. 🙁

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