Is that a sprush in your pocket or are you just excited about Jesus?

Does anyone remember those hairbrushes they used to make that had a little dispenser that you could fill with hairspray or water? One side was a brush, the other was a spray pump? Anyone?

I was talking to one of my childhood friends. We grew up together in the church. We thought we were so cool with those brushes in our pockets.

I used to wear those skirts with the over sized pockets on the side to church and I’d hide I’d sneak my sprush into church because The Lord knows I wasn’t allowed to bring it. During the service, I’d ask for permission to go to the bathroom, but what I really wanted to go use my “SPRUSH”. I’d lock myself in there until half of my bangs were at least 8 inches tall, perfectly spread and the other half were completely straight against my forehead. Ah, yes, my bangs were truly a work of art.

The Sprush was the perfect invention for me, because I no longer had to carry a can of aerosol Rave in my purse, making it easier to sneak my beauty products to church.

It’s no wonder that even though I went to church 4 days a week for 19 years of my life, I still don’t know half of what the bible says– I was too busy getting my Wordly Bangs on in the bathroom.

12 thoughts on “Is that a sprush in your pocket or are you just excited about Jesus?

  1. Jennifer

    AHA HA HA HA! I remember the sprush! But, alas, I did not have one… But I DID carry around a miniature can of Aquanet and a hair pick.

  2. picklejuice

    Ah man…I was a truly pathetic gal because we were too broke to get the nice, pourable spritz hair spray so I would have to sit there with an Aqua Net can spraying the shit into the bottle part of the brush.
    Hell, I only had the sprush because I stole it.
    (I did the wind-tunnel bangs, too – ten feet tall and fluffy at the top, straight down and crunchy at the bottom…boy, we was pretty, huh?)

  3. Michelle

    That is hilarilous! I had The Curl. I would rat out my entire head until my hair was at least 5 inches out from all angles and then use the curling iron to curl my bangs into this one big curl, spray on the Aquanet while heating The Curl and then just leave it. This description does not do The Curl justice- I will have to dig out photographic evidence of this hair travesty. Then I would pile on the black eyeliner and I thought that I was one hot to trot mama. ewwwww… And that was only jr. high- in high school, I found punk and grunge which meant that I wouldn’t wash my hair for a week just so that I could get that just right grungy ‘do. Again, ewwww… lol

  4. Lauren

    I remember saving to buy Joico Ice Mist for my bangs. You could go out in a fricken hurricane and have perfect bangs……

  5. sphinxy

    HAAAAAAA! I had one!!! It was pink, and one day it leaked all over the inside of my triangle shaped leather purse with the fringe and that was the end of my sprush days.

  6. tricia

    I’m glad I missed those days!
    Now, how exactly did you get the hair spray into the brush? Did you buy it with hair spray, orrrr, did you have to load it yourself?

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