I never curse around or at my children.
However, the older Andrew gets, the more I get tempted to use certain words because of the attitude he gives me. So tonight I was fed up and I said “quit being a smart ass, Andrew.”
Ethan was mortified. He got up out of his chair and said “oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mom, you just said A-S-S. You’re not supposed to say bad words!” Then, came The Threat.
“Just wait until Retro Bill comes back to my school and I tell him about this. Retro Bill is not going to be happy about this, he said people who use bad words aren’t cool, ohhhhhhhh you’re so busted!”
He’s totally serious and completely pissed off. He’s going to tell Retro Bill that I said A-S-S.
Who is this Retro Bill person, and where did he come from?

13 thoughts on “RETRO BILL IS NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!!!

  1. Jael

    Is it just me, or does RetroBill looks like he should be hanging with Pee Wee Herman in the Big..oops Playhouse, and not hanging out at elementary schools?

  2. theresa

    Yet another reason why you’re such a great mom. If I ever have kids, they’re first words will be “fuck” or “shit”, because I have a potty mouth. :X

  3. Kevin

    that retro bill guy looks scary. BTW your a great mom 🙂
    Hey how come you still haven’t added me back to your list of links 🙁 cries i’m a good canadian boy 🙂

  4. Laura

    Must be in the air – I said shit to my 8 year old for the first time last night. I’ll wait for Retro Bill to knock at the door. And yes, he does look like he should be hanging with Pee Wee.

  5. keith

    (/me laments the fact that your Zonk! is inactive.)

  6. waistdog

    Retro Bill is the type of guy kids should stay away from.
    He’ll invite them into the back of his velour upholstered van and show them his lounge lizard.

  7. Brad

    I laughed out loud when I read this. That is funny! Maybe cause it’s just the thing my daughter would threaten us with. Thanks for brightening my day!
    BTW: I noticed the term ‘throw down’ above. Do you ever say this, cause my wife does all the time and I have never heard someone say it except her.

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