13 years together and it only feels like 59!

Today is our 13 wedding anniversary.
I will never forget that day, 13 years ago. I was a hot, 19 year Germican beauty with a tight body. Tony was a thin, 25 year old mexican with a head full of hair.
And we were both madly in love.
I remember it was a beautiful day.
I remember Tony’s grandmothers lobsided boobs, my dad giving a 3 hour sermon and me rolling my eyes every 3 minutes because I wanted him to STOP ALREADY. I remember when we sang to each other, I remember the screaming baby in the background. I remember yelling at the photographer to stop taking pictures already because we needed to get to the reception and telling everyone “DON’T LISTEN TO HIM ANYMORE, JUST LEAVE, WE NEED TO LEAVE!” I remember making out to the Righteous Brothers, in the back of the limo that my long lost Godfather rented for us out of guilt for not being there for me as I was growing up. I remember showing up to the reception with hickeys all over my neck. I remember our boring ass reception because we weren’t allowed to have a dance, because it was against my fathers religion and I was still too scared to stand up to him. I remember the ride home, people honking at us, while I leaned out the window screaming “WOO HOO, we’re married!”, I remember getting home and NOT having sex because Tony was sick.
I also remember making up for not having sex that night by having sex 4 times a day, everyday for the next 3 months.
13 years later, I look back and think of all we’ve been through.
Good times.
Amazing times, like when our children were born.
Bad times.
We’ve both failed each other at times. We’ve both hurt each other. We’ve both done and said things we regret. However, we’ve managed to get through all of that and that’s a beautiful thing.
We certainly don’t have a perfect relationship. We argue more than any couple I know. But deep down, we love each other deeply, and we have one thing in common that I believe will keep us together for the rest of our lives.
No, it’s not our great sex life!.
It’s the love for our family. The love of the beautiful children we made together.
I love you, Tony. Happy Anniversary.

23 thoughts on “13 years together and it only feels like 59!

  1. Canadian Lauren

    Happy Anniversary! Nice pic too! I’m getting married on Saturday and I am soo nervous. Congrats on a beautiful family you and your husband have made, family is everything.

  2. Mac

    Holy headgear! I’m amazed you didn’t fall over from the weight of your head with all that tulle and stuff! *grin*
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. aimless

    Congratulations on your anniversary – 13 years is a long time, I’m so glad for you that you have someone special to share your life with!

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