7 thoughts on “BOB

  1. Adelle

    I watch, but I am more into the O.C. because I have not gotten out of loving things similar to 90210. Anyway, I am not enjoying it as much this time around. Bob is just annoying me for some reason.

  2. djmofo

    ugh! BOB. the guy makes me sick. he’s a HIDEOUS, pig-nosed freak. he’s lucky anyone wants his ass. i saw only the first episode and was sickened. “oh i want to be married by the time i’m 30, have 2.4 kids, a volvo, a house with 4 bedrooms” and the shit went on and on.
    i hate bob. bob can blow a tampon (used of course) for all i care. i would tear him to shreds.
    now joe millionaire II, david smith? he’s a cutie.
    then again, i would tear him to shreds too. but he would like it.

  3. Sassy McSmartpants

    I hope the limo driver dropped her pathetic ass off at the nearest sperm bank. Dude, she annoyed the shit out of me. And she put her make up on with a fucking trowel. She didn’t love him. She loved his young sperm.

  4. Kimmie

    She annoyed me from the moment she entered my TV screen – but I did feel bad for her when she left…she was so broken. It was sad. I felt like shaking her and saying ITS.JUST.BOB!

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