Ethan just got out of bed. He has a gray button up shirt on (one he wore in a wedding) and it’s completely unbuttoned. He slept in it, because he “looks hot in it”.
He went straight to the couch to turn on cartoons. A Barbie commercial came on, he got up, started dancing and singing along.

He has now tied a knot at the bottom of the shirt and put the collar up. I feel like now would be the perfect time to ask him to ask him to do my makeup.

And on a completely unrelated note… Are their really people who exist who do NOT like chocolate and if so, how did you get so lucky?

8 thoughts on “Random

  1. emily

    I’m not big on chocolate. It’s not like I hate it or anything, but if it’s in the house it’ll be the very last thing I eat. It usually just gets so old, I have to throw it out. Plus, it would never cross my mind to order a chocolate dessert at a restaurant.

  2. Tracy

    yep, I’m with emily. It’s not that I don’t like chocolate, it’s just never anything I really WANT. (Oh…with the exception of Godiva chocolate dipped strawberries – but that’s more for the strawberry. really)

  3. kat

    I used to be a fiend for chocolate until I lived with a bunch of girls who worked in a chocolate shop. Ate WAAAAY too much of it (for, like, breakfast and shit).
    At that, it still took me a couple of months to get sick of it.

  4. dani

    i am not a chocolate person at all. i pick most of the chocolate chips out of cookies, and i generally won’t eat candy bars. not sure why, just don’t really like it. most chocolate is too sweet for me, so i tend to gravitate to dark.

  5. Gary

    First you post a picture of “Boobies with Chocolate” and then you curse cocolate and chocolate lovers. You should be glad us guys like chocolate (even though that would not be the prime reason for us liking that picture).

  6. Matt_31

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