If you think this post is about you it definitely is.

Dear people who have blogs and use the phrase “If you think this post is about you it probably is”,

I would appreciate it if you people would stop using that phrase when writing a post about someone specific. Either tell the person in private, name their name and humiliate/piss them off, or just DON’T SAY IT.
Everytime I read that, I think it’s me. Even if I don’t know you, even if we’ve never talked, even if you have no idea I even exist.
I will think it’s me you’re talking about.
I am very paranoid, like that. That’s the reason I believe my husband threw away (or perhaps, HID) my $50.00 medical journal. After reading it, I am convinced I have Cancer of the throat, of the bone, Hodgekins disease, high blood pressure, hypothyrodism, multiple scolorosis…
And those are just a few. And I’m not even kidding.
I even went to the doctor and told I thought I had throat cancer.
He wanted to know why I thought that.
I told him because after reading the symptoms and feeling the tiny lump on my neck, I put 2 and 2 together.
He laughed. He agreed to do tests for peace of mind even though he doesn’t have any reason to think that I Have cancer.
So, I’d appreciate it if we can stop playing that little “if you think this post is about you” game, because I WILL ALWAYS THINK IT’S ABOUT ME. ALWAYS.

7 thoughts on “If you think this post is about you it definitely is.

  1. BillH

    Using the pictures of you on your site and quoting Brendan Fraser in “Blast from the Past”: “Yvonne, you look pretty healthy to me!” ;^)

  2. mabel

    heehee yeah, i do the same. what i really love about it is…eventually it really will be about me. hey, we’re just getting a head start that’s all.

  3. Rori

    I agree with you! Unless the “You” is a collective bunch like all republicans.
    Or hell, it’s a blog, just say their name and make fun of them!

  4. Kimmie

    I could have written that post myself – which means it was kinda about me….eek. My parents hid all the medical books in our house growing up because I would self diagnose myself all the time. Now that I have the internet I don’t need no steenkin’ books…I just figured out this morning that I may have gallbladder disease due to my ongoing flu problems and abdominal pain.
    Happy Monday.

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