Shake it like salt shakah (because it’s 5 in the morning and I can’t think of a title)

I know all of these “tests” are annoying, I apologize. There are people trying to figure out what the problem is with my blog and fix it, that’s what the “tests” are all about. I have to say, I liked it much better when Sphinxy was conducting the tests. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, so I can start posting really important things again.
Speaking of really important things, I can’t stop thinking of the possibility that I might actually be “with child”**
What will I do? As much as I’d love to have another precious baby to call my own, it’s just not the right time. We’re supposed to be done having children. Our life is set, you know? We have 2 incredible boys, whom we already love with all of our hearts and totally complete our life. Besides that, Tony and I are no spring chickens, infact, we both have gray hair (granted, I only have two and his head is covered with them).
I could list 100 reasons why having a baby would be so wrong for us right now.
Then I could tell you one reason why it would be so right.
Because it would be our child, who, inspite of all the reasons why it would be inconvienient at this time, would bring an overwhelming joy into our lives and who we would love just as much as we love Andrew, Ethan and each other.
But I still hope to God I’m not and that I’m just late.
We shall soon find out.
**Please bear with me as I overuse the “quote” picture. I find it highly funny and it gives me much pleasure to use it at every chance I get. I will eventually get tired of it and won’t find it funny anymore, but until then, I will probably use it in every post that it would apply to. Feel free to not laugh, roll your eyes or scream at your computer “OK, we get it, it’s not funny anymore, y.” **

8 thoughts on “Shake it like salt shakah (because it’s 5 in the morning and I can’t think of a title)

  1. Em

    I for one love the quote picture. It cracks me up, especially the look on your face.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Gary

    About a year after my last son was born my wife and I had a false alarm and it really made me think about what another child would mean to us. After weighing the pros and cons we decided “no more” and I got a vasectomy. Best decision I ever made. It takes all the worry out of sex. Kept sweetie off the pills and we were always ready to go at it without condoms, foam, gel, sponges…anything. Except for getting a shot of pain killer directly into my balls it was a snap and much easier on me than a tubal would have been for her. So I don’t shoot swimmers any morre? No big deal. My manhood was not on the line, her health was.
    If you think you are through having children I suggest this.

  3. Sphinxy

    You know I am highly pissed off at the way your server is handling this…like NOT AT ALL. I have had nothing but good experiences until now.
    I am never going to recommend hosting again. From now on, I say here is hosting x, y or z…host at your own risk.
    *throws a fit*

  4. Pam

    I was 38 when I had your experience – my result was my 21 year old son who has been a great blessing. I had my 60th birthday this year and my life has been very different than my friends – I really am a lot younger in looks and attitude – they really do keep you younger! Good luck whatever the result.

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