There’s a logical explanation for this…

That is a picture of my gut taken just now. After looking at that picture of my GUT, I would like to say the following.
A) I better be carrying quadruplets or B) I better be five months along, not 2.5 or C) I better be carrying a baby who is just extremely large for it’s “age”.
It has to be C.
But I’ll be happy with A or D, because I refuse to believe I’m already this fat because I eat whatever I want, whenever I want it because I’m pregnant and I AM ALLOWED for no reason.

15 thoughts on “There’s a logical explanation for this…

  1. keith

    You call that a GUT??? We’ve got high-school rednecks with bigger beer bellies than that!! Sheesh! (In other words, I don’t believe you’ve got too much to be concerned over.)

  2. Langus

    Here’s the thing,
    The uterus fills with amniotic fluid to cushion little tiny baby. Therefore, with each child the uterus is a little bigger so tummy is a bit bigger earlier than last. Does that make sense?
    Also, you are not fat. Stop with the fat thing already, you are pregnant and even when you weren’t pregnant, you weren’t fat.

  3. Lessa

    *L* Its a proven fact – proven by me, of course – that the third pregnacy results in you getting bigger much faster then the other two combined. My sister has just confirmed said fact, as people keep thinking she’s due any day and is in reality only 24 weeks along with her third babe. heee. so!
    That can barely be called a pouch – and it’s cute. *grins*

  4. Firebrand

    I’ve always heard that with each subsequent pregnancy, you get a little larger. Besides, like others have said, pregnant women are sexy. You heard me – S-E-X-Y! Now, go eat another cinnabon! 😉

  5. used english books tokyo

    That does look a little big for 2 and a half months. You should see the petit little japanese women when they are pregnant. Sometimes you cannot tell at all and they are 9 months pregnant. One day they come into work and announce that they are about to have ababy annd would like to takle maternity leave. Totally amusing!!

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