9 thoughts on “Traumatized

  1. Canadian Lauren

    Yeah I watch that show too. My husband won’t let me watch it when he’s home though. I just keep telling myself they show alot of extreme cases, so I don’t worry as much after watching it. I watched it last night, but had a doctor’s apt. today, so I feel ok now…lol.
    Hope you are feeling well!!

  2. tj

    oh jeez. my wife did the same thing. what is WITH pregnant women doing that?! turn it to mtv or something … sheesh.

  3. Dixie

    I watched it last night too and was thinking how horrible for pregnant women to watch. I’ll tell you like I tell my prego little sister…STEP AWAY FROM TLC….turn to E! or something lol

  4. Babz

    Oh, my god. I watched that show ONCE while I was pregnant, and almost literally ran away screaming. Birth Day is fine, but avoid Maternity Ward at ALLLL costs. I can’t imagine who thought it was a good idea. “Hey…let’s do a show on everything that can possibly go wrong with a pregnancy and birth, thereby scaring the living shit out of our target demographic!” “Oooh! Good idea, Hal!”

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