I prefer virtual *tongue kisses*

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I’ve noticed several varieties of virtual hugs and I’m left to wonder, does one hug mean more than the other?
For instance, is *HUGS* the same thing as *big hugs*? I would think so because even though it doesn’t say “big”, it’s capitolized, and capitols are big.
Is the number of (((((((((()))))))))) one leaves before and after the hugs significant in how big the hug actually is?
Example. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))) = The kind of hug where one hangs on forever, nearly squeezing the life out of you, where as ((hugs)) is just one of those friendly “hey, how you doin” kind of hugs.
Yes? No?
Does creativity in ones virtual hug count for anything?
You know what I’m talking about, like does (*(*(*(*(*HUGS*)*)*)*)*) totally outshine just your average *hugs*?
I wonder if there’s a *hug* for that “perverted” type of hug. You know, the one where a guy hugs up on you and squeezes you so tight, you can feel your tits smashing up against his chest and then, instantly, you feel “it.” Maybe there is and I imagine it looks a little something like this…
(!(!(!(!(!!!!!!!!!*HUG-A HUG-A*!!!!!!!!!)!)!)!)!)
Oh, the virtual hug. What would some of you have to say without it?

19 thoughts on “I prefer virtual *tongue kisses*

  1. Tracy

    I dunno. I actually hate the virtual hug – but given that those I usually leave a virtual hug for are halfway across the country from me – not much else will work.
    But given that I’m not a “huggy” person in “real life” – if I even LEAVE a virtual hug- assume it’s a big one. With no hard-on.

  2. yvonne

    does that quote make me a cold hearted bitch?
    I think it’s funny, I’m not knocking people who use the *Hug*….. I’m just sayin….

  3. yvonne

    that.. or I hate when people give me virtual hugs, or… I’m trying really really HARD to annoy melly. See the smilies? For melly.

  4. djmofo

    sorry, one more (ok three) thing(s)
    virtual boob ( * ) ( * )
    virual ass ( | )
    virtual balls and dick 8——-> (johnny wad style)
    8–> (average man style)

  5. Trishie

    i think *hug* has become the new “LOL”…eh?.. like..
    what’s the difference in lol and LOL…is the LOL louder? Eh?
    Stupid virtualness.

  6. Lisa

    I like virtual hugs. I don’t know if I leave the same kind every time or not. Hehe! Does it matter? But since we’re using smilies, this is for Melly.

  7. Oarah

    My first comment here. I only use virtual hugs with those I give actual hugs. I enjoy hugs. Although I like tit-mashing hugs, I would never impose on on another, unless I knew she approved. I have had friends give me the tit hug, just so I would be totally aware they had no bra, and wanted me to enjoy it as well. The most fun you can have in public with your clothes on.

  8. Jett

    The virtual hug makes me want to barf.
    I secretly imagine people that use it sitting in their cat-filled abode reading, ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’ for the eleventy-seventh time and writing cleverly-folded notes that they sign, ‘LYLAS!’
    Bring on the hate mail; I’ve steeled m’self for it.

  9. Jenni

    Yvonne said:
    “does that quote make me a cold hearted bitch?
    I think it’s funny, I’m not knocking people who use the *Hug*….. I’m just sayin….”
    Hell no! Like I use the *hug* thing. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine, but I AM a cold-hearted bitch. Heh. (BTW, I do love that one smiley icon you have, so I snatched it. Thanks!)

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