Because no. I don’t.

If one more person tells me that I look like (the late, murdered, very dead) Laci Peterson.
I look nothing like her and everywhere I go, even the grocery store, people walk up to me and tell me “you look just like Laci Peterson”.
It freaked me out when they were looking for her and it freaks me the FUCK out now that she’s dead.

9 thoughts on “Because no. I don’t.

  1. Trishie

    You don’t look like her. People are crazy. Some people think i look like britney spears. Yeah, me and Brit are twins..except I got the extra 50 pounds. *L* However.. you IS booful.

  2. christine

    THAT’S who you remind me of. Damn. Every time I look at your picture, I think…who the hell does she look like? Just kidding. I just wanted to piss you off a little more…but now that you mention it…

  3. Tracy

    People always used to tell me I looked like Daphne Zuniga.
    At least they freaking tell you that you look like someone people have actually heard of.

  4. waistdog

    I’ve heard of Daphne.
    I don’t know what she’s done.
    But I’ve heard of her.
    You should burst into the Scott Peterson trial, and yell “You couldn’t kill me you slime-fuck!”
    It’ll bring oddles of laughter.
    And you’ll get on TeeVee.
    Actually, I don’t think you look that much like Lacy, myself.

  5. susan

    i’ve been told that i look like Demi Moore. and other people have told me i look like Christina Ferrare. but i think i look like myself.
    duh, did i just say that?
    Oh well, i’m with waistdog. but wait until after you have the baby. it would be so much more dramatic to make a grand entrance with a baby in your arms………..

  6. erika

    Ohhhh. I used to get Monica Lewinsky all the time. Once, some old guy in a bagel story came up to me to tell he thought I was just like her, and I was like, Dude, step away.

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