This doesn’t make sense on purpose.

I am a highly emotional woman. I also am very passionate.
This almost always gets me into trouble.
Trouble because I react first, think later.
I get all emotional and passionate when something happens, then I get riled up, I react, I get angry, sad, upset, furious, or whatever emotion is appropriate for the situation.
I am a total “over reactor”.
Then, after I calm down, after I think about things, I get all pissed at myself for the way I handled it and usually have to apologize to at least 6 people.
I have always been the “Apologizer”.
In every relationship I have, I am always the one having to say sorry for something. And even when I shouldn’t be the one saying sorry, I say it because I want to make peace.
That kind of pisses me off. But I’m not going to get all “emotional” about it right now.
No, instead, I’m going to go watch the Laker game and take out my passion on my furniture if they lose.

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