A YEAR and a HALF ago, a woman named Melly told me I was going to have one of these.

Well. My baby would not cooperate. It wouldn’t stop moving, twisting, kicking, and all the other things 17 week babies do. Not for a second. It took two ultrasound technicians and 1 hour to get the pictures they needed. The first one told me she wasn’t going to be able to determine the sex because the baby had it’s legs closed. However, while she was showing me, she got a glimpse between the legs and said “Oh, that looks like a little….” But I can’t be sure.
So, the second guy comes in to try to get pictures of the heart. He had me get up and jump up and down to try to make the baby switch positions so he could get the pictures he needed. He finally was able to get all the important pictures and the first tech asked him if he could try to see the sex of the baby. He had me lay on my right side. That didn’t work. He had me lay on my left side. That didn’t work. He had me lay flat on my back again. Finally, he could see, but not as clearly as he would have liked.
He said “If I had to make a guess, I would say it’s a 90% likelihood it’s a….

I’m still not sure I believe it, even though they both said girl. However, if I go with my gut here, the chances are they are right and I’m going to have me a little baby girl.

A daughter. Oh my.

49 thoughts on “A YEAR and a HALF ago, a woman named Melly told me I was going to have one of these.

  1. Gary

    Great news!!! Besides, pink is last year’s orange so there will be so much pretty stuff for baby AND mommy to wear.

  2. Laura

    How exciting! Forget the ultrasound – you keep puking for 9 months and all my money is on girl.
    I’m guessing all the organs, etc. checked out fine?

  3. judi

    Yep~difficult even before vacating the womb~gotta be a girl.
    Hey~at least we can go through all this new “girly” stuff together!!!
    Congrats~I’m happy for you~and you’ll be just great!!!

  4. Michele

    Congrats Yvonne!
    I have 2 of each and there are lots of great things about little girls… I can’t think of them right now. But trust me! Girls are great!!

  5. Chuck

    And BTW you can’t panic. you have only 2 boys, we have 5. Can you imagine her first date with me and 5 brothers on the porch when she comes home???

  6. djmofo

    I KNEW IT!
    i’m very happy for you and thanks for ‘sitting’ with me while i took my test.
    now go have some fun with miss melly.
    *thinks of action word but can’t come up with any*

  7. John

    I’m impressed, but why can’t psychic predictions be more practical and give lottery numbers. Those fortune cookies don’t cut it.

  8. waistdog

    Come on John!
    Everyone knows that Melly knows.
    Rub her head….she’ll tell you your future.
    Or, punch you in the throat.
    Either way it’s probably good.
    Congratulations Yvonne!

  9. Rori

    ROTFL! I was thinking of girl names with Jay in them last night too.
    Jaylissa IS good.
    I am so happy your baby is healthy.

  10. QC

    Woohoo!!! IknewitIknewitIknewit!!!!!
    *happy dance*
    And yeah. You are in trouble. But some of it’s a good kind of trouble. 🙂

  11. Jett

    I canNOT believe you people overlooked the very obvious “Mellohr”, or if you want to get all fancy (or ghetto, depending on your perspective), it could be “Mellohrjay” (perhaps pronounced ‘Mel-OHR-hey’, as a nod to your heritage, Yvonne?).
    OR WAITTAMINUTE: “Mellohrjaysa”
    I am brilliant.

  12. Tracy

    Why not “Melly Jay”. You know, like Billy Ray, or Bubba Jo…
    You may not be from the south, but Melly is, so that counts.
    Melly Jay Valtierra.

  13. Chelle

    Yay!!!!! I am happy to hear baby is healthy. Hope you are as happy as all of us that it’s a girl! Just remember no pants with words on the butt and everything else will fall into place!

  14. dana michelle

    Congrats! Glad to hear that everything looks good. Just think of all the cute, frilly little girl clothes and accessories out there. You can buy her Hello Kitty stuff 🙂
    Girl stuff is just SO much fun!

  15. Rae

    I remember what first finding out ‘it’s a girl’ is like. After having two boys and the loss of a third boy, knowing Hollea was coming was an amazing experience! Congratulations!

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