Because I can’t get dressed until after I’ve had my coffee

Surely, I can not be the only one who feels totally comfortable and believes it is completely acceptable to go to Starbucks in their pajamas?

13 thoughts on “Because I can’t get dressed until after I’ve had my coffee

  1. The Sarcastic Journalist

    I wear my carebear pajama pants just about everywhere. I often go to the grocery store in them. What makes it funnier is that my husband and I are the only white people who tend to go to this grocery store. I have a feeling I am known as the “crazy white bitch in those damn pj pants.”
    Going to starbucks in pjs is TOTALLY acceptable.

  2. ratty

    no, no, no… it IS totally comfortable and acceptable to go to Starbucks in your pajamas, TOTALLY.
    and gary? one of our starbucks is a drive-thru…

  3. Gary

    I could do the drive thru here to but my truck has no cup holders so I have to put that hot cofee between my legs…OUCH.

  4. Disillusioned

    Nope. Not just you. I’m guilty as charged of running everywhere I possibly can in my Trix PJs. (And no, I’m not talkin’ ho-bad slut wear here, I’m talkin’ the bunny rabbit. Trix are for kids?!) Heh.

  5. Jett

    Only if you are wearing fetching little braided or perky dogeared hair.
    Preferably the dogears, which are de rigeur for jammies, man.

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