Practice makes perfect.

I decided that I’m going to go ahead and give myself another pedicure.
Even though the last time I did it, I cut my feet to shreds and it took me days to heal. Even though I almost needed a blood transfusion from the blood loss that occured when I cut a chunk of my big toe, my middle toe and the little toe off, on both feet, and I had scabs for weeks. Even though Tony made me swear I would have a professional do it next time. Even though my foot spa is up in the rafters in the garage and I have to GET ON A LADDER to get it…
Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect.

  1. Laura

    Why? Why? Why? You are such a glutton for punishment! Go spend the thirty bucks to have someone else pamper your feet. The last thing your pregnant ass needs to be doing is climbing a ladder.
    Be careful!

  2. mabel

    i’ve never had a pedicure. my feet are so ugly i figure why bother.
    anyhow, good luck, the more you do it, i guess the better you get at it. maybe?

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