Titty discomfort. stretch marks. I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS!!

I can feel my boobs growing right at this moment. They hurt, they itch, they are irritating the hell out of me.
Speaking of itching… my stomach is on FIRE. You see, I was cursed with the kind of skin that has absolutely no elasticity. None. Lucky me! I’m the only one in my family to end up with the kind of skin that produces blue, purple and red stretchmarks during pregnancy. It’s such an amazing site to behold. I’ll never forget the first time my sister and mother saw my stomach when I was pregnant with Andrew.

Hopefully, since I’ve already had two pregnancies, they won’t actually turn colors this time, but if they do, I’m totally ready to embrace the horrific site of colorful stretchmarks on my growing belly. I’ll try to think of it like “A rainbow of the skin”.
But for now, I must find a way to make these boobs stop hurting before I have to take drastic measures.

10 thoughts on “Titty discomfort. stretch marks. I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS!!

  1. Kate

    I have heard that cocoa butter helps the stretch marks go away. As for your boos, well, I found that wearing my bra constantly helped.
    Good luck! ::hugs::

  2. ashley

    its kinda messy – but i mixed together cocoa butter, vitamin e lotion, and lubradirm extensive care (basically, all the non-scented lotion i could find in my bathroom), and it works great on my belly (i’m 27weeks along). i still have a bit of a road map, but at least it’s not itchy!
    As for boobies, i wear my bra all the time.

  3. Melissa

    My future mother-in-law SWEARS by cocoa butter. She’s a petite woman who has had 3 big sons, and she has no stretch marks. She says she used to have her hubby put it on several times a day.
    Good luck 🙂

  4. Rori

    I think it is such a shame that the marks and changes our bodies go through to give birth to our future are ewwwwwwwed and ickied.
    You should be revered oh rainbow-hued momma, with the itchy bazooms!

  5. butterflies

    Cocoa butter is the best! and you can buy the cheaper version and it doesnt matter.
    I know that the content of vit E capsules smeared on your boobs works to stop the itching too.
    Ive used these and have NO stretch marks.
    Im sorry you are so damn uncomfortable at the mo!

  6. Nicole

    I was in the same boat as my first gave me craters on my tummy. From what I hear – you can’t ever get rid of them except if you have a tummy tuck (which is what I would do since I have like extra skin since mine were so bad….) which would only take some away. Not all. We are stuck with them!

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