The Great Divide.

I have a confession…

Today, I was sportin’ maternity pant Camel Toe.
Wee bit too tight black maternity pants, growing uterus and an extra 80 pounds must increase the likelyhood of The Great Part.
I can only hope it never happens again, I felt so dirty.
(for James)

6 thoughts on “The Great Divide.

  1. Stacey

    omg!! hahaha…I can’t breathe…
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face Yvonne.
    I always do a camel check before I leave the house, everything is getting tighter, and creeping into places they’ve never been before.

  2. girl

    oh hecks no, girl. I would have run right out of the house and bought you a new pair of pants before I let you step into public like that! friends don’t let friends have cameltoe!

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