Baby I’m amazed by you

I just got back from The Matt Rogers hour at my son’s school. I have to say, the guy is pretty cool. He’s friendly, funny, HOT, just full of personality. The kids loved him. He stayed for a long time, answered the kids questions (and believe me, there were A LOT of questions, the funniest one being “Could you even understand what Randy Jackson was saying to you?”) He couldn’t sing due to contractual restraints, but he promised after those obligations are filled (within a month after AI is finished), he’ll come back and do a little concert for the kids.

I know how much Michele loved him while he was on, so I told him a little about her and gave him her URL. Before he left, he said “It was so nice meeting you, I’m going to post on your friends site!” Of course, I emailed Michele as soon as I got home.

Dude. I know. But MATT ROGERS, MAN.

16 thoughts on “Baby I’m amazed by you

  1. yvonne

    I know that’s not what he meant, I just felt like being dramatic. I think he was talking about the fact that my boobs were big. Ok, that wasn’t it either, but I can think whatever I want to! I’M PREGNANT. ha!
    Funny, because I’m more scared of YOUR team.

  2. A Small Victory

    Sunshine Day

    This new fangled blogging thing just might be working out. Since I changed ways, I’ve climbed ahead of Den Beste in the Ecosystem. Matt Drudge, you are toast! Yea, I know this thing is fickle. Let me enjoy it while…

  3. mikey

    that’s pretty cool… he seemed like one of the few contestants this year who actually had, like, personality
    Jay Mohr, Rob Cantrell, and now Matt Rogers? you are sooooooo a reality TV show groupie!!! hahahahahahah

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