Everything on my body is growing at rapid speed. My tummy, my feet, my ass, my NOSE (yes, I have pregnant nose) but my boobs… My boobs are “Like, woah”!! I have officially outgrown the D. My God, the milk hasn’t even come in yet, that’s still 3 months away. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM? HOW BIG CAN THEY GET BEFORE THEY BLOWUP? HOW MANY MORE BIG, UGLY, BUTTPURPLE VIENS ARE GOING TO POP UP?
I’m scared. And I’m not even kidding.

13 thoughts on “DUDE

  1. fran

    Nah ha, that’s a push up bra! Fess up now, we all know you are A Cup!…… 😛
    Wow, I just thought about it, and I think that’s the first pic I’ve seen of you pregnant…like, whoa, you weren’t really kidding, you ARE pregnant…..
    Just ignore me…I am loopy like that…. 😛

  2. yvonne

    I think you just admitted that you NEVER READ MY BLOG because I’ve posted lots of pregnant pictures!!!!
    You’ll see just HOW pregnant if I see you in SD next month (to meet Sphinxy).
    Now I shall think of your punishment for not reading my blog….

  3. xerxes

    Oh i dont think theres anyhting wrong thats what happens when you have a baby its for a really good reason all this is happening.

  4. fran

    Uh? The ones I’ve seen don’t show you THAT pregnant though….I think at least the ones I’ve seen, sometimes I don’t click on all the links you have you know… 😛
    We’re on dial up here at work….sigh…

  5. NinaKaye

    holy crap I thought my boobs got big when I was pregnant. now I see they were small. I hope my husband doesn’t see this…he’ll freak out.

  6. lilly

    my last pregnancy i got up to an H cup…i was amazed that size was even readily available in stores (well, ok, in the maternity clothes shop)…good luck w/em!! 😉
    (oh, and the veins are normal 🙂 heh)

  7. Mellissa

    This picture excited my husband, but not in the same way that men usually get excited over pictures of boobies. No, he is excited because he is hoping this means that when we decide to have a baby, I will get big boobies, too. He is quite happy with my B-cup breasts, but he has always wondered what I would look like with bigger ones. He has also always wondered what I would be like drunk, but since I can’t drink more than one glass of wine without falling asleep, the big boobies are much more likely.

  8. Hed

    I will admit that I still nurse my 19 month old kid, and dammit, the veins are still there. Hoping they go away when she’s weaned, which I am in the slow process of doing now. Hoping mine don’t shrivel up now…

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