Starting… NOW

I have a plan.
My plan is to shut my computer off for the rest of the day so I can get some work done around here.
The entire day. OFF.
I can do this. Especially because I don’t have any kind of addiction to my computer/internet/blog/aim. No, I really don’t. I can totally live without it. For ONE day, that is. Sure I can.

9 thoughts on “Starting… NOW

  1. waistdog

    “Pssssst” “Yvonne”
    “This is your computer talking”.
    “Whispering in your ear from across the room”.
    “Don’t leave me like this….so alone….don’t let the light of my monitor die”.
    “I NEED you Yvonne”.
    “You need ME”.
    “Don’t shut me down like this”.

  2. E

    Sometimes I think I’M staying off the computer for a day too but then the aliens that live in my hall closet come out and turn the computer on and using the power of telekinesis force me into my chair and make me go online. It seems they are quite fond of websurfing and working on webpages but they have no fingers and so they use mine as their instruments of pleasure. I have absolutely no control over this whatsoever so as you can all well see it is of no fault of mine that I can’t go a single bloody day without my computer. Yvonne I’m sure you’ll have much better luck than me… unless you have internet loving aliens in your closet as well…

  3. mandy

    I just wanted to drop a line letting you know I really enjoy reading your blog! I know I like to know who is reading mine, so I thought I’d let you know! 🙂

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