Bible camp just might be the answer.

I’m such a dumbass.

Ethan has handcuffs on him that won’t come off. And there’s no key. The kids said they are real handcuffs and I just believed them. They don’t LOOK real, but they’re not plastic.
I called the fire department to see if I could take him down there and have them cut off. I told the lady they were real, so she called a police officer and he’s on his way to my house to try to open them with his key.
I ask the kid who they belong to “Where did you get these handcuffs” He says “From the ICE CREAM MAN, HE SELLS METAL ONES.”
What the hell am I going to say to the officer that comes out here thinking these are real handcuffs? And I can only imagine he’s going to be pissed that he had to drive all the way over here for this.
Oh Mother of Heysoos, this is only week one of summer vacation!

15 thoughts on “Bible camp just might be the answer.

  1. melly

    It gets better, people:
    Lakergirll1: and i told ethan.. “i’m going to have to call the fire dept to see if they can cut them off”
    jezemelly79: don’t be embarrassed
    Lakergirll1: he screamed CUT WHAT OFF
    Lakergirll1: he thought i was talking about his hands

  2. Caitlin

    That rocks so hard, Yvonne. You should take pictures of the policeman’s face and post them on here. Oh, and put him in an awkward position by saying, “Do you think I’m pregnant, or just fat? Which one?” and then take more pictures. Daily life is so much fun.

  3. Lauren

    ahahahahaha better you than me!! I think I am going to ban any sort of handcuffs here in the house becuase it sounds like something my brats would do!

  4. Rori

    Once he sees your belly, he will be putty in your hands. I would have him clean your rain gutters while he is there.

  5. Xerxes

    Thats so not funny. Yeah its funny till it happens to you. I once spent 2 hours handcuffed around a light pole. At first its all fun and games. Well everyone but me found it funny the cops found it really really funny.

  6. Vickie

    “I called the fire department to see if I could take him down there and have them cut off.”
    OmG I am DYING here LOLOL
    The Osbornes have NOTHING on your family.

  7. Tenth Muse

    You Sure Play a Mean Pinball

    My crankfest finally subsided last night. Hurrah! When I finally got the thing working that I wanted to get working, most of the tension dissipated. My intention was that we would go out and grab a bite to eat and then I'd come home and finish up …

  8. Maggie

    According to Joelle’s latest post, you can also get metal handcuffs as a prize at some place called “Dave & Busters”.
    Maybe it’s the new fashion accessory in S. Cal?

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