My Sunshine

Today is the day that a little boy named Ethan Michael was born. A little boy who, since the day he was born, has made me feel like the most loved human being on the face of the earth. Everyday, he wakes up, kisses me, tells me he loves me and that I am the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He makes me laugh like no other kid has. He’s a very unique, special boy who is loved by so many for his funny, kind and caring nature. He is a self proclaimed “Protector of girls” and if you don’t believe me, you can ask the boy who tried to hurt a little girl in the presence of “The Protector of Girls”. He got a face full of Ethan who told him to leave the girl alone and followed that statement with a very firm “Does this look like a happy face?!” I could have lost this sweet boy four years ago when he nearly drown in the pool next door and everyday I thank God for saving him because he reminds me everyday that I am loved, appreciated and beautiful.
Happy 7th Birthday, monkey butt. I love you.

17 thoughts on “My Sunshine

  1. gigi

    Happy birthday, Ethan! You are a beautiful-hearted boy who will grow into a wonderful man. 🙂 Enjoy your special day!

  2. Chelle

    Happy Birthday, Ethan!!!!
    You have some of the best pictures 🙂
    He is adorable and sounds like a super kid!

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