No, I’m not, I just blog a lot.

That is what I look like today. I look very pregnant, right?
Ok, I just ran into a friend I haven’t seen or talked to in over 2 years. She didn’t recognize me at first, but once I said her name, she realized who I was. She looked me dead in the eye and asked…
“Are you…… Are you PREGNANT?”
You see my belly, is there any doubt I’m pregnant?

19 thoughts on “No, I’m not, I just blog a lot.

  1. Mikey2

    My friend asked someone at work with the same belly if she was pregnant.
    She got yelled at…because…they weren’t.
    So yes, people HAVE to ask. *chuckle*

  2. Andreah

    A male co-worker and I were talking and I said I was feling like a dumbass. I said it was probably “Pregnancy Induced Dumbassness, PID.”
    And he said, “Oh, you’re pregnant?” I said “Uh yeah, almost 8 months along now, what Do you think this gigantic belly was for?” he just shrugeed his shoulders. I thought for sure everyone knew, I mean I have a huge prego belly. I guess not everyone knows though so it’s now my duty to make comments so everyone knows I didnt just get a huge pot belly! Maybe I should get one of those cheezy shirts that say BABY ON BOARD

  3. shakingmyhead

    Wow. Just wow. That title is such a pathetic, sad, thinly veiled attempt at calling another blogger out. What’s your damage? Do you need the drama? Are you so hard up for attention that you feel the need to lower yourself to such transparent attacks to get what you want?
    Maybe you should grow up. You know, people in glass houses and all that.

  4. Mikey2

    I believe people who live in glass houses have real problems giving a shit, “shakingmyhead”.
    Perhaps you shouldn’t come here if you have problems with the material?

  5. Maggie

    Hm… you yourself were pretty shocked at being pregnant, right? If she knew that you had absolutely no intention of having more kids, she might have been just trying to reconcile that with the (yes, obvious 🙂 fact that you are pregnant.
    I know that I’ve sometimes asked extremely obvious questions just because I find the (obvious) answer to be so unbelieveable. I just need to hear it from someone else. You know, to make sure that I’m not just hallucinating 🙂
    (p.s. I assume the title is actuallly a reference to Emily’s question about bloggers and overweight correlation, right? A highly topical, funny, relevant title. Too bad that ol’ ‘shakingmyhead’ isn’t up on such things and apparently has no sense of humour… 😛 )

  6. melly

    It’s my observation that any time things get a little slow, Emily starts talking about fat people. Whether or not she is really curious about how many bloggers are overweight or if she’s just looking for another spike in hits, only she knows
    However, I do know that it’s a lot easier to post some diluted attack than to keep up a continously funny and entertaining weblog.

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