You wish you could see her naked, DON’T YOU?

Something very disturbing is happening to me in my pregnancy. Something that I hate very much.
I’m becoming a jealous wife.
Extremely jealous.
I’m not normally this way with him. But these days I am so jealous of everything he does. I don’t mean that I’m walking around thinking he’s cheating on me or accusing him of anything like that. I just get jealous when I think he’s looking at another girl, or when my son comes home and tells me that “dad was talking to one of the mom’s at school”. I get crazy. “WAS SHE PRETTY? WAS SHE HOT? IS THAT WHY YOU WERE TALKING TO HER?”
I hate feeling this way with a passion.
This is stupid, immature behavior, but no matter how hard I try to keep my mouth shut, I end up crying and acting irrational about this. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I’m a pregnant, miserable cow

Help me.

7 thoughts on “You wish you could see her naked, DON’T YOU?

  1. Mona

    I think it has something to do with yr hormones during pregnancy? I am not sure though but then I am like you, I don’t get jealous or anything. I can’t remember I was jealous or not during my pregnancies. All I remembered was my pregnancy were both difficult due to my gestational diabetes. I was always tired and lifeless unlike most of energetic pregnant women.

  2. Andreah

    That’s not a fun feeling to have. Wanna know an even worser feeling though?
    Getting super-duper-uper jealous when you’re husband is talking to another lady…at a friends birthday BBQ and not only is she prettier than you, taller than you with longer hair than you, but she’s pregnant too!!
    I coulda strangled that bitch. Her first, then my husband. I know it’s the hormones, but still!

  3. Lindy

    Lady… u have to pull yourself together. i can identify with u (anyone thats been pregnant can)but u have to maintain. ur a strong, intelligent (albeit stressed & emotional) beautiful pregnant woman with a great sense of humor. u have a great writing style & lots of people out here r hanging on ur every last word. u have 45 days till u have a beautiful baby girl to introduce urself & her family to. yea, ur hormonal but ‘this too shall pass’. hang in there sweetie..

  4. melly

    This didn’t just start. You’ve been feeling jealous for most of your pregnancy. And there are other behaviors that we discussed. I still think it has to do with being pregnant, and being protective and territorial.
    I don’t think it’s stupid or immature. I think it’s natural. Pregnancy doesn’t just make you fart a lot.
    That’s wisdom folks. True wisdom.

  5. yvonne

    That’s true. But MELLY. I’m hitting a low here. I cried because I found out Tony took a phone number for one of Andrew’s friends from the friends dad’s 19 year old GIRLFRIEND!!!!! HE PUT THAT BITCHES NUMBERS IN HIS CELL PHONE. I don’t care if it was for “andrew” or if “andrew asked for the number”, he shouldn’t have been talking to that HO !!!!!!!!

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