Just got back from the doctors. He was able to get a heartbeat, but ordered a non stress test to check the baby’s movement and the amniotic fluid. At first, she wouldn’t move, so they put this little gadget on my belly that they use to “wake the baby up” It sends a sound into the uterus.
Holy shit. She woke up and she was pissed. She finally started kicking and her heartbeat went up. I was so relieved. The fluid levels are just right.
So, she’s fine. And now I am too. I was terrified. (Not that I have a tendancy to over react or anything)
Also, I’m starting to dialate, but only 1- 1/2 centimeters right now. That doesn’t mean much, doctor said it could still be 2 weeks. He also ordered me to rest and stay off my feet. He said that with my panic disorder and history of depression, it’s best if I go into labor on my own and they don’t have to interfere. I have no problems obeying his orders to stay off the feet. Eff this house, I want a healthy baby girl and I’d like to live to see her.

Thank you for the well wishes.

21 thoughts on “Relieved

  1. Genuine

    I’m glad it all turned out. I still say sex is in your future, and that baby is on her way!!! BTW you’re not doing my anxiety any favors!

  2. QC

    A pissed-off baby is a healthy baby! And I’m with Genuine…I’d say your bun is just about finished cooking. Glad she’s all right!

  3. Mona

    Thank God Gabby’s fine, yes stay off all chores and relax. Gabby’s most important than house chores. I’m relieved to hear the good news 🙂 although I don’t know you in real life.

  4. melly

    It’s good that I have your blog to come look at and see if EVERYTHING IS OKAY.
    She’s probably just in position. You’re going to have her very soon, and I look forward to HEARING ALL ABOUT IT VIA YOUR BLOG.

  5. jen

    I am really glad everything is ok. :O)
    I can’t wait to see what she looks like!!! You have the CUTEST boys…. :O)
    Now…call Melly!

  6. mandy

    I’m glad everything is going well 🙂 Over reacting is what mom’s do best… we have to, no one else will!
    BTW I did surf the web the whole time LOL 🙂

  7. Scott

    I agree with the others–I’ll bet you have her sooner than later. Two weeks isn’t really that early. My daughter was three weeks premature, and she was just fine, though she weighed only 5 lbs. 8 oz.
    Good luck to you!

  8. Michelle

    Well, I’d be pissed, too, if someone pointed some noisy thing in MY crib and woke ME up. But I’ll bet those kicks and punches were the greatest. things. ever.
    Glad she’s good, Yvonne. Now do what the doctor says and take it easy.

  9. Hed

    Wooooo! Doing a happy dance for ya! Fuck this house, I want a healthy baby girl and I’d like to live to see her. That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day! I know I don’t know you, but damn, I’m proud of you for saying that!
    Recognizing what’s most important is most of the battle. And I bet you are feeling lots better now, which is most important of all!
    Congratulations, and I can’t wait to hear all about her birth, or at least as much as you want to tell us all… no pressure or anything =-).

  10. MrsG

    Yvonne…pull up a chair a nice comfy pillow a big glass of water kick your feet up and blog baby just blog!!!

  11. djmofo

    i’m so glad you updated this. i was worried all afternoon when i saw your first post. what’s scary is i had a ‘feeling’ today about you and thus i checked your blog.
    again, i’m so glad everything is ok and you’re right. “fuck that house”.
    love you

  12. tammy

    So glad to hear this, Yvone. And do stay off your feet. Just pamper yourself for the next two weeks. You deserve it!

  13. Lisa

    Whew! I’m so relieved! Now just take it easy, talk to Melly on the phone, drink lots of water and talk to Melly on the phone, rest as much as you can while you’re talking to Melly on the phone so that she can be talking to you when you feel the first contractions. Oh, and call Melly, would ya?
    I’m so happy you’re fine and Gabby’s fine and I don’t think you’ll be pregnant much longer. Maybe a week at the outside.

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