Always be my baby

Today, I am taking Andrew to his junior high school orientation.
My baby is starting junior high.
This hurts my heart. How quickly he’s growing up.
I have so many fears about this. I remember jr.high was difficult for me. There were so many cliques and I never did fit in with any of them. I felt so lost and many times, so alone. I managed to make friends from all groups, but I never did develop that feeling of “belonging” to any one group and I always felt like an outsider.
I worry about him getting picked on, even though he’s never been in that situation, this is a new school with kids he’s never met before. What if there’s some asshole child who hates my son and makes his life hell?
I worry about his grades. Will he adjust to the new system of different teachers and periods or will it be too overwhelming for him?
So many fears. So many worries. So many mixed emotions about it.
And the one emotion that I feel the strongest is sadness. Sadness that my first baby is growing up so quickly.

7 thoughts on “Always be my baby

  1. kat

    All the fears we have about them adjusting and stuff is our fears. I really thought my boys would have trouble in junior high but they both adjusted pretty well. There are bullies but you have to make sure your kids know they can come to you with anything and you won’t get mad cuz they called some kid an asshole or something. It’s all part of growing up and he will be fine.
    Just take deep breaths and don’t hold his hand or fix his hair while there. bad move. Don’t want him getting called a mommas boy already.
    Don’t cry till you get back in the car. Try to be cool and hip.
    Lose it all together when you get in the car. That’s fine but do not start even sniffling when you meet his teachers and don’t snap when you see how the girls are dressed.
    It’s tough but I’ve done it twice now and I cry the second I get home. But being a crying mom at school fixing their hair and telling them to stay up straight attracts attention from the kids would would be bullies if you know what I mean.

  2. geeky

    i’m sure andrew will be fine in jr. high. we all made it though, and so will he. from what you’ve said about them on here, your kids seem pretty cool, so i doubt he’ll get picked on.
    and can i just say that i love the fact that your skirt blends in with your couch in that photo? hehe 🙂

  3. Michelle

    Now you are making me cry. lol My baby boy started school yesterday and I was a wreck over the fact that he was beginning 4 year old kindergartner. I will never survive jr. high..

  4. Jenny

    I have the exact same fears! I thought I was the only one…my son starts Jr. High in a couple of weeks. I am terrified.. 🙁 He’s not..he’s tellin me to stop worrying..but I remember Jr. High also, it can be a tough place. Good Luck to your son.

  5. stacey

    I know exactly how you feel. I have a 13 year ol girl and an 11 year old boy and let me tell you, i am afraid everyday. Being a mother is a lot harder than I thought it was in the begining. I didnt realize how quickly time would fly by after the birth of my daughter, and now that their reaching adolescence i am scared to death. But as long as the door of communication is open and they know that they can come to you with “anything”, then I feel in my heart they will be okay. Talking to them right from the start was what I did with my kids and hopefully they listened. I do have to admit, my daughter is a bit rebellious and has a pretty big chip on her shoulder but that too will pass (i hope) with maturity. Our children are a lot smarter and stronger than we give them credit for sometimes and im sure your son will do just fine as anyone can tell, hes got some pretty terrific parents and that counts for a whole lot in a child self esteem and the ability to blend in with their peers. Anyway…good luck to him and to you.

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