She is totally worth it.

Everyone thinks I was crazy to want to go home just a few hours after giving birth. They told me I should stay in the hospital and let them take care of me.
No thank you.
I hated being there. HATED IT.
And the truth is, even though I had the longest labor and hardest time with this birth, my recovery was amazing. I had almost NO pain. Didn’t bleed much at all and I was up walking around in no time.
My vagina was very good to me. Even after passing an 8 pound baby through it, I have had no pain “down there”.
I remember after having the boys, I had to use pain medication. It was torture to sit down or go to the bathroom. I had to use witch hazel pads and pillows to sit on. Not this time. It’s almost scary how good I feel. I’m thinking that it will hit me in a few days. I already stopped bleeding! THIS IS AWESOME!
No one can believe how good I’m doing for having just had a baby. I am so grateful for this quick and easy recovery. Especially after the discomfort I had been in for most of the pregnancy. It’s such a blessing.
The only thing that’s really getting to me is the lack of sleep and THE COMPANY WHO WILL NOT STOP COMING OVER!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that so many people care and are taking time out of their schedules to come and see my sweet girl, but I just want to rest and I can’t because I have to keep cleaning the house and entertaining people. But I know in a few days everything will settle down and people will stop coming over and I’ll be able to get my rest.

I think I’m going to venture on my first trip out of the house with my THREE KIDS! I’m going to go to Target to get a few things I need. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to handle it. I just hope Gabby doesn’t decide to take the kind of dump that goes up her entire back side while were there, forcing me to have to do an outfit change in the bathroom. Or that she doesn’t start screaming for the boob halfway through my shopping trip, forcing me to have to hide my cart somewhere and take a trip to the van for a feeding.

Oh, how life has changed.

12 thoughts on “She is totally worth it.

  1. Dragonflyn3

    I know exactly how you feel. After my 3rd, i felt great. no pain where i should have it. The first was the worst, the second was a bit easier and then the 3rd peice of cake well after. that pregnancy and birth were the hardest.

  2. Lisa

    My last was by far my easiest. NO pain, I felt like Superwoman. I was ready to have three more the next day – ok, well I won’t go that far. I hope you have a great first shopping trip; I’m sure the boys will be a big help to you in the store.

  3. sarcastic journalist

    Man oh man, we need to go out together. With our girls. Ellie has the dumps that go up the front and the back of the shirt. Had one at the chiropractor the other day.
    I’m glad you are feeling better! I bled for 3 weeks so I’m really jealous!! I was wondering how long you stayed at the hospital.
    Woman, you are amazing. I was there from Sunday to Wednesday and I STILL didn’t want to go home!

  4. Vickie

    “I can’t because I have to keep cleaning the house”
    Not for nothing, but that house must be fucking immaculate by now. I mean you’ve been cleaning for the past seven months LOL
    NOW where’s the MIL to clean the house???

  5. yvonne

    actually, my mil cleaned it SPOTLESS the day i was in the hospital. she even had my carpets cleaned! but it’s just a mess now, it’s not dirty, just out of order and i need to keep it up.

  6. rachel

    I guess I can get detailed since you do.
    On my third baby I didn’t get stitches.. I HAD NO PAIN down under. None… I was havin sex 7 days later.. (hooya)..
    Also.. when breastfeeding.. I whipped that bitch out where ever I was… one old man in a restaurant complained once. I told him “I’m not bitching about your table manners sloppin food everywhere chompin with your mouth open so STFU.. k thnx”…

  7. robyn

    You’re my hero. Nathan is 6-months old and my house is still an uncleaned wreck! And Target with one child is a major outing for me…

  8. Canadian Lauren

    When I had 3rd girl Nicole (4 months old) I couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital either. Mostly because my 2yr old’s birthday was the day after I had her. I went home in time to throw her a birthday party…lol
    Glad to hear you are feeling well Yvonne!!!!

  9. Vickie

    Yvonne – I hear you….just bustin’ ya a little..I admire your complete dedication to EVERYTHING…. baby, boys, husband, house, and US!!
    But get the rest you need, too 🙂

  10. jen

    Actually, leaving was a good idea. You’d have run a much higher risk of getting an infection afterwards by staying in the hospital.
    Anyway, congratulations again!

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