I’m a loser

Weight loss results in the extended entry…

So, my first week on the program I lost 6.6 pounds. I’m extremely happy with myself. I’m down 31 pounds since having Gabby (almost 4 weeks), and 14 pounds away from the weight I was when I GOT pregnant.

24 thoughts on “I’m a loser

  1. ginger

    Awesome!!! It is so hard, I know, but you can do it! (I am dieting right now as well… 11 pounds, but that is after several weeks.)
    Woooop Wooooop!!

  2. lee

    Wow, Yvonne, that’s impressive. Congrats. Just think how freakin’ proud you’ll be when you hit the goal weight.

  3. Andy

    Well done, Yvonne!
    It will get harder as you go on, but you’re strong and I know you’ll keep at it til you reach your target.
    We’re all rooting for you!

  4. Zoot

    Thats awesome! Good for you…
    What’s your opinion on this new “core” program at WW? I’m kinda scared of it myself…

  5. kim

    JAY! you rock and i feel like sh**. it’s time for me to check for the closest WW-meeting for me after eating a dinner for TWO again last night. it’s the frustration, baby. but we can do it (this is a YOU can do it for sure and me..hmm…yeah..sure..). GREAT, yvonne!!

  6. Ro

    Sheesh I am *so* jealous! You lost more weight in such a short period of time then I lost with any of my kids at this stage. Grrrrr! LOL. CONGRATS YVONNE! : )

  7. Tiffeny

    Way to Go! Keep up the good work hun! What did you loose the first time around with WW before the beautiful Gabby?

  8. Deanna

    WO HOO!
    Now don’t forget to drink lotsa water every day(8 glasses, y’hear)
    Should also help with the weight loss, plus it’s just really good for your body!

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