My little ballerina

Oh my God, I had no idea having a little girl would be this much fun. I love her so much and I can’t help thinking she’s the most beautiful little princess in the world. When I dressed her up in her little tutu (that my friend Robyn F made for her!) I forgot all about yesterday. She melts my heart, you have no idea how much…



51 thoughts on “My little ballerina

  1. langus

    The second one and the last one are my favorites. She needs a pink headband! She is such a princess.

  2. yvonne

    I KNEW someone would bring up the headband. Ya see, she has a pink one, but I couldn’t find it, so I put the purple one on.

  3. Robynf

    Ya!!!! I love tutus!!
    She is sooooooo adorable, she seems to change in every picture you post.
    She is very very beautiful, just like her mom! I could make her mom a tutu to wear to the wedding 😉

  4. James

    How adorable. I love the little grin she has on the first pic. It’s the ”Yeah, I’m too cute for you” look. Babies rock.

  5. Vickie

    That second picture of her is just absofreakinglutely gorgeous. They’re all cute, but that second shows a side of her that she is going to be one beautiful young lady. She doesn’t look only under two weeks old. She has your husband’s eyes!

  6. justsomegirl

    gosh Yvonne – she’s so beautiful. that second picture in the main entry … her face – wow.
    that’s a picture submitting to a contest kind of face.

  7. jen

    Wow..she really is a beautiful lil girl! :O)
    And..I think you have my couch. Well, not MY couch..but the same kind that I used to have…(the EX got it…dammit) I miss it….
    That tutu is the cutest thing!!! LOL…

  8. melly

    You can tell what she’s going to look like when she’s a big girl in the second photo. I love her, she has so much sass!

  9. Hilary

    OH MY GOSH!! I’m always checking to see if you have new pictures up. She is SOOOO beautiful. I love the little half grin. And her EYES! Wow….you’re hubby’s in for trouble when she gets older!!

  10. Empie

    Yvonne I just want to squeeze her little cheeks! OMG she is beautiful, I wish I had a blog so I can post pics of my new one, but my husband keeps laggin and so I think I will have one when she’a about 5ish!
    Good work Y you definitely have something to brag about!

  11. sara

    Oh man, she’s beautiful! She looks so *alert* and mature for her age! In the second one I swear she’s closer to a year old. Your body must have been the ideal environment for her to grow in, and your milk must be worthy of worship. 🙂
    If you ever have doubts about anything, Yvonne, just look at how healthy and amazing your kids are. Do you think just any newborn baby girl looks that good? Huh? Do you? 🙂 It’s your genes, lady. And your milk. And the environment she had for those first 9 months.

  12. vonnie

    hey i was just wondering if its not too much trouble but could u pleze put up comparing photos of all three of ur kids at approx the same age?
    that would be great!

  13. ed

    never has farting looked so cute (first picture)
    my baby sister, now 7 (i’m 26!), used to put on that face and shit her pants every night at the dinner table — like clockwork. an unexplained phenomenon…the “old faithful” of green, iron-deprived first-born poop..
    anyway, gabriella is good-god adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jett

    Okay, I don’t care nothin’ about no baby.
    I just want to know if RobynF can make ME one of those suckas.

  15. chaos-girl

    OMG, she is so cute!!!! Aren’t little girls fun?! I love dressing them up when they’re little. Mine won’t let me dress them up anymore, brats! lol

  16. Christine

    Awwwww! Look at the pretty princess! What an angel. You are one lucky mom (even if the boys are trying to drive you mad.)
    *sigh* Attack of baby envy, coming right up!

  17. Joelle

    if you bring that child near me, I’m warning you — I will eat her feet. I will. I’ll just suck ’em right off her chubby little legs.
    The minute you put those sunglasses on her, I want a picutre.

  18. cee

    Lovely!!! She looks so much older than her few days in that second beautiful shot!!! I’m with Joelle too… I kept smiling at those cute feet of hers with the toes all curled up!!! Too darling! =)

  19. lex

    I just found your site for the first time. Your baby girl is ADORABLE!!!! I have a 2yo girl and am a Southern Californian too! 🙂

  20. shy me

    My computer’s been all broken and in the shop for two weeks and I only just got to see pictures of Gabby being born and now she IS the cutest thing ever… already!

  21. myllissa

    OMG!!! She is positively BEAUTIFUL!! You have every right to brag about her. I know I would if I had such a precious little girl! Got anymore pics?

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