My loss is her gain, or something like that

Gabriella had her first check up today.
My baby girl has already grown an inch and a half and put on 2lbs 3oz. That’s right, my baby already weighs 10.8. She’s in the 100% in the weight category and 75% in height. Doctor told me that if a baby has mantained their birth weight when they come in for their first check up, they’re happy. I have some GOOD milk and I’m proud OF it. (Because, I don’t have much to be proud of these days)
He told me that she is a very relaxed and calm baby and that he can tell she’s very loved. I told him that she IS very loved and has at least 4 people fighting to hold her at any given time. Then he said what I said yesterday…
You can’t spoil her, so it’s great that she has so many people to hold and love her”.
I asked him if he could put that in writing so I could shove it in my husbands face when he got home from work. See, I was right! Like hardly ever ALWAYS!
I tried to take some pictures of my very big, healthy girl to show off just HOW big and healthy she is, but she wasn’t really in the mood for pictures… (didn’t stop me from taking them, though)



Not only does the girl have an appetite like mine, apparently, she has my temper as well.

20 thoughts on “My loss is her gain, or something like that

  1. butterflies

    When my son was born,someone told me I was *spoiling* him..I was confused cos all I was doing was loving him.I looked up spoiled in the dictionary and it says *ruined*……my son was never ruined,hes a great son and a wonderful husband and father.
    Anyone that tells you that you are spoiling your child has no idea that hugs and loving MAKES a good child…and none of us can ever have TOO much love.Take care and thanks for the pics:)

  2. Jen

    Oh Holy God. You are not spoiling your baby. Jesus Christ. You are letting her know that when she has NEEDS (which she has at three weeks) somebody will meet them.
    You should pick up The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. You will love it. Great book.
    And those pictures of Pecial Sauce screaming are pretty funny, actually…

  3. mrsg

    You go Gabby stay happy and calm for mommy! How did she do with the little heel prick? Genuine Baby didn’t cry until they squeezed his foot.

  4. ginger

    Just show those pics to Tony to prove that you don’t pick her up every time she cries.
    Then flip him off when his back is turned. 🙂 haha.
    She is beautiful, even while in full scale scream.

  5. fran

    “Not only does the girl have an appetite like mine, apparently, she has my temper as well.”
    you must be related, uh? 😉

  6. Alison

    Oh man – that last picture is KILLING me. And I totally know how she feels…more often than not, I’d just like to lay back and scream 😉

  7. Mieke

    My sons have ALWAYS been in the 5th percentile for weight. That’s right 5th! No matter how much I nursed those string beans they just didn’t gain. I adore chubby babes. So I’ll live vicariously through you.

  8. kim

    ha – check out her toes on the first picture. she’s givin’ all she has..
    supercute but i’m glad those pictures are without sound ;o)

  9. ben

    Looks like she wants the Boob.
    I get like that sometimes. Last night, for instance. Only one way to shut ’em up when that happens…

  10. LT

    I was in the 5th percentile for weight too, even with my chubby baby arms. I was 6lbs when born and stayed there for a good long while : )
    Soooooo, it’s too bad that Gabriella has like no hair, huh? ; )

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