My Grandparents came over to see Gabriella. They fell in love with her instantly. It was an emotional moment for me to watch my Grandfather smiling at her because I remember the day he told me he was so sick he only had a year to live. I cried for days because I thought “he’ll never see me get married”.
That was 14 years ago and he’s still here. And he was able to see his great granddaughter. It touched me deeply.
Then, as they were leaving and Tony was helping my grandpa to the car, my grandpa turned to Tony and said “Your little girl is beautiful, Tony and it breaks my heart that I won’t live to see her get married.”
I sobbed like a baby when he said it and I cry everytime I think of it.
Like right now.
Why can’t Grandpas live forever?

12 thoughts on “Opa

  1. zoe

    I know it’s sad that they won’t live forever, but at least they got to see her, and will for a while.I love the photo! all of my grandparents are deceased (my grandfathers were before i was born) so they’ll never see my kids. Take lots of photos of her with her g-grandparents, she’ll treasure them always

  2. susanne

    U brought tears i�n my eyes as well. I lost my father 4 years ago, so my Gabriella didnt get to know him nor him her. And I still cry when i think of him, like now.. cos I was daddy’s lil girlie. Treasure the time 🙂

  3. kim

    just because you’re all emotional doesn’t mean you have to make me tear up in the office almost every single day! i don’t even have my dad here to see me getting married, let alone a granddad. so i am emotional about weddings and babies and family.. but what i really mean is: thanks for sharing your life and thoughts!

  4. Firebrand

    It is so sweet for them to be able to see her now. I agree that you should take lots and lots of pictures…she will indeed treasure them someday.
    I, too, lost my grandfathers at a very young age…3 and 8. I only have one grandmother alive still…and I love every moment with her. I pray that she will live to see me married….at least I’d be able to have her there, as I lost my father 2 years ago…

  5. shaunacat

    My question is always ‘Why can’t dads live forever?’…
    Both my husband’s father and mine passed away within the last two years, and it kills me that our kids will never have a grandpa in their lives.
    So I know how you feel, but at least they got to meet. 🙂

  6. langus

    My Grandpa told me he would live forever and I was SHOCKED when he died 18 months ago. Even though I am a grown woman with a very smart brain, I never considered that he wouldn’t and I miss him everyday.

  7. mindi

    That really is sad. I felt the same way about my grandpa and now I can’t believe he’s been gone for 23 years! I was 24 when he passed away – and it seems like just yesterday. I can still remember what his voice sounded like and can’t believe he’s been gone almost as long as I knew him. Those are sad thoughts. I hope you have a video camera too, if not, invest in one. Pictures are worth a lot, but they can’t replace the sound of someone’s voice.

  8. Chelle

    Darn you, you made me cry!
    It always touches my heart to hear people speak highly of their grandparents. I was so fortunate to have wonderful grandparents and I miss them terribly now that they are gone. It is a special thing that your children have great-grandparents that they know.

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