What does washing feet have to do with MAKEUP?

My Avon lady representative just asked me if I’d like to have an in home Avon party. I was about to say “yes” when she had to add that she “gives people a foot bath in a tub with marbles.”
Ok. NO. I had enough of “foot washing” as a child. And besides, that’s just GROSS. I love my friends, but I sure as hell am NOT going to stick my feet in a bucket that their feet were just in.

3 thoughts on “What does washing feet have to do with MAKEUP?

  1. Jen

    I am just still amazed by your upbringing in the House of God. What exactly do they believe?
    And what are you now?

  2. Margie

    LOL…. GRRLLL you rock….. Cute Baby girl, you played the guitar (and for Jesus to boot)and you have a Avon representative… I’m lovn it!!!

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