I try to eat breakfast when Gabby takes her morning snooze, but I usually get busy with “things around the house” (you know, things like “blogging” or “reading blogs”) I had put a load of laundry in the washer and decided to make a bowl of oatmeal while she was still sleeping. I put the water on to boil, grab a bowl, a spoon, a package of oatmeal and I stood by the stove waiting…
As soon as the water started to boil, I could feel my milk start coming down.
Nooooooooooo. Because when the milk starts coming down, that means Gabby will start crying.
So, I’m standing there at the stove, bowl in hand waiting. I was wearing a shirt that’s so small on me, my boobs hang out the bottom and I did NOT have a bra on. My milk starts pouring in. It starts streaming down my stomach, down my leg (no, I had no pants on) and splatting onto the floor.
Dear God, give me two more minutes…
The water finally boils, I pour it in the bowl, try not to slip on my milk that’s now in puddles on my kitchen floor and head for the table.
Damn it. She wants to eat first. And since she is The Boss of me, I have to follow her orders.
I was *this* close to enjoying a good breakfast, half dressed, covered in my own milk.

13 thoughts on “Drip.

  1. Tracy

    Ok, your boobs have extrasensory perception?? 😉
    My milk didn’t usually let down until Kelsey cried. Actuall, until I heard ANY baby cry. THAT was annoying. And I never MOVED without bra + nursing pads in place. Damn plumbing.

  2. Deanna

    Do you have a microwave oven?
    Here’s my oatmeal jones:
    1/4 cup Quaker oatmeal and 1/2 cup water for 1 1/2minutes in the ‘wave; throw in a generous handful of chocolate chips, stir until mixed well=sheer choco-oatmeal heaven, baby!

  3. djmofo

    now wait a minute.
    you mean to tell me that milk just comes out and a kid starts crying or vise versa?
    more and more, i don’t want kids. i can’t handle that shit. if i can’t handle a cat puking on the ottoman just as i’m ready to go to work and i can’t handle a puppy puking on my head, i can’t handle milk just goozing out.
    it’s just wrong.
    i commend you for doing an excellent job, though.

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