I think I’m looooove


I love watching my daughter sleep. She makes these sweet little faces and the most heartwarming sounds you’ll ever hear. Coos and sighs and occasionally  she’ll let out the cutest little fart you’ve ever heard. Or she’ll belch so loud, it actually makes me proud. I love to bend down and smell her, then gently kiss her chubby cheeks, or run my fingers softly over her thick, black hair. As I watch her, I think to myself how unbelievable it is that such a beautiful creature was formed inside of my body. And it overwhelms and humbles me.
It’s also a really great way to avoid doing the dishes, ya know what I’m saying?

7 thoughts on “I think I’m looooove

  1. Lauren

    hehehe yep it is. I just did the same thing. I just “HAD” to go upstairs and rock Grace while I fed her, because well it was time for her nap and it’s quieter up there. Dishes? I don’t see no stinking dishes =)

  2. Empie

    Isnt it amazing how we just find the oddest things to be proud of, I love it when my baby burps, I have actually changed her nickname and call her Bark Bark now cuz when she belches she sounds like she’s barking.
    I am kinda wondering if thats even healthy? I dunno but I soooo love it, and how my baby smells, i sniff her all day, sometimes she’s even biteable! Ok I am weird, just say it!
    Well, have a good Wednesday Yvonne. Hugs to the little one!

  3. geeky

    so precious… and she has a strawbeery shortcake blanket! i used to love strawberry shortcake when i was a little girl. i had coloring books and shampoo and even lip gloss 🙂

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