My birthday gift

mamasgirl1My daughter.
I never imagined I would love her as much as I do. And she loves me right back. When she smiles at me like that, it takes my breath away and will bring tears to my eyes.
I went to see my mom this morning. She hugged me, which is something she never does, and she said “Happy birthday, mija, I love you.” She told me she was thinking about me this morning, how 33 years ago she gave birth to me, while my dad was drunk (I KNOW, my dad, THE PREACHER!) She told me she loved me so much, the same way I love my Gabby.
I never thought of my mother loving me this way. We’ve had so many problems in our relationship, there’s been so much negativity. I’ve never thought she likes me much. But when she said that to me today, I realised that there was a time when our relationship was beautiful. Before life got complicated she loved me more than anything. I was everything to her, I was her first little baby girl. Now, as I hold my daughter, I think of my momma holding me, kissing me and just LOVING me the way I love my daughter.
And it makes me happy. Happy to know there was a time in our lives were we just loved each other. Where she was my momma and I was her little girl and nothing else mattered.
Thank you for the birthday wishes, and THANK YOU TO THE BEST FRIEND a girl could have for thinking of me and reminding everyone that I’m an OLD HAG! I love you, ma’melly!

47 thoughts on “My birthday gift

  1. Lisa

    This is such a beautiful picture of you and your daughter.
    So happy that your birthday is filled with such wonderful memories…

  2. Firebrand

    Happy Birthday, hon!! πŸ™‚
    If you haven’t heard this song, you really should… it’s sung by Martina McBride and is absolutely so appropriate for you today of all days….
    “In my daughter’s eyes I am a hero
    I am strong and wise and I know no fear
    But the truth is plain to see
    She was sent to rescue me
    I see who I wanna be
    In my daughter’s eyes
    In my daughter’s eyes everyone is equal
    Darkness turns to light and the
    world is at peace
    This miracle God gave to me gives me
    strength when I am weak
    I find reason to believe
    In my daughter’s eyes
    And when she wraps her hand
    around my finger
    Oh it puts a smile in my heart
    Everything becomes a little clearer
    I realize what life is all about
    It’s hangin’ on when your heart
    has had enough
    It’s giving more when you feel like giving up
    I’ve seen the light
    It’s in my daugter’s eyes
    In my daughter’s eyes I can see the future
    A reflection of who I am and what will be
    Though she’ll grow and someday leave
    Maybe raise a family
    When I’m gone I hope you see how happy
    she made me
    For I’ll be there
    In my daughter’s eyes”

    Hope you have a fantastic year!!!

  3. melly

    That’s really sweet and all, but you messed up my link so I’m not getting any traffic.
    jajaja (that’s an inside thing. I am not retarded.)
    I would smile at you if you held me like that. And burped me.

  4. sara

    Happy birthday, you! You look great in that picture! So happy! So comfortable with your Gabby! She’ll love that picture when she gets older. πŸ™‚ Maybe not when she’s a teenager, but she’ll love it.

  5. melly


  6. Mona

    I soo love this pic of you and Gabby. Gabby is soooooo cute, look at that chubby arms and legs and that cheeks! Thanks for sharing this lovely pic with us πŸ™‚

  7. Lisa

    Oh that was BEAUTIFUL to read!! *sniff* I think love is a wonderful birthday gift. And a beautiful smile from a baby is a special expression of love. Happy birthday (again) Yvonne!!

  8. MrsG

    Happy Birthday, I didn’t know you shared my little sweethearts Bday. I’m sooo glad your mom showed you some luv’n. Gabby is really growing, you both look beautiful!
    I haven’t been around lately…I feel so out of the loop!

  9. Tracy

    Thanks for posting that Yvonne…I had a similar relationship with my mom. What you posted made me think about the fact that she felt that way about me once.
    I just called her to tell her I love her. She was shocked.

  10. About D@mn Time

    Isn’t She Lovely…

    You know…sometimes you read a blog post that just makes you sit back and think for a minute. Then it makes you take action. I was over at Yvonne’s reading this post. Go ahead, go read it. I’ll wait. It…

  11. Shamrock

    You and your daughter look beautiful. That’s one special momma, one special baby, one special moment. Happy B-day . . . enjoy this and every other day to come.

  12. kim

    HERZLICHEN GLοΏ½CKWUNSCH & ALLES GUTE zum geburtstag, yvonne! and that really is a beautiful picture of you two.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ;o)

  13. Sky

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a beautiful photo and what a beautiful mother daughter moment (both the photo, and what you wrote) Have a great day!

  14. susanne

    What a beautiful picture of U and Gabriella !! If u haven’t already, u should make it bigger and put it in a lovely frame . Happy Birthday! It*s my Gabriella’s birthday today also πŸ˜€

  15. cee

    Awwww… you look so happy and wonderful holding that laughing little bundle of girl!!!!! What a great prezzie indeed! Hope it was wonderful!

  16. erika

    Good god, how did I miss your birthday? Damn, I suck!
    Happy birthday, girl. Hope the next year is filled with all sorts of amazing things you could never have even dreamed of-

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