This really is a post about message boards.

I can no longer make fun of Melly for being addicted to Fark for I have become addicted to the Last Comic Standing message boards.
Dude. I know. But I can’t help it. The people take things way too seriously. There like “OH MY GOD, JAY LONDON GOT ROBBED!!!!” Or “THIS SHOW IS TOTALLY RIGGED!!!!!
It started off that I would only go there to read it and laugh at people, but then I started posting messages. And now, I can’t stop.
John Heffron had written an entry on his journal (which appears to be suspended) about how mean people are on the boards. How he thinks it’s stupid that people take time out of their lives to post things like “John Heffron sucks”. He said he thought that employees of every job should have a message board.
“Jack is the worst gap worker EVER”.
Dude, that’s hilarious. Think about it…. Funny.
And then think about how dumb I am for taking time out of my busy day to post about MESSAGE BOARDS. Think about how I could have been doing dishes, or folding the piles of laundry on my couch, or how I could have taken a shower so as not to smell like rotten titty milk. Think about that and then ask yourselves “who the hell is SHE to laugh at the people posting on the message boards. She’s PATHETIC.”

12 thoughts on “This really is a post about message boards.

  1. macgeezel

    There are many reasons to take a shower, but I don’t know that I’ve heard many as valid as, “so as not to smell like rotten titty milk”…or as laugh-tastic!

  2. mikey

    dude. no way jay london got robbed. his routine is funny ONCE. after that, it’s the same thing… even if he gets new jokes, it’s still not that great.
    “Jack is the worst Gap worker ever”. now THAT is funny.

  3. yvonne

    I totally agree with you about Jay London. but that’s what the people on the boards say. That and JAY LONDON IS SO SEXY!!!!!

  4. Shelley

    Hey Yvonne…
    I have read the LCS board for a long time now…but haven’t let myself sign up for an account or to post. I started going to see if I could get a sense of who was going to win and who was going to get booted…
    But yeah…it takes moments to get sucked right into the drama.
    Don’t worry…I don’t think LCS posting makes it so that you will lose your soul! *winks*

  5. Jett

    I am SO GLAD I’m not the only person trying to dissuade Ms. del Toro from her ugly fark habit.
    Years from now, when she looks back upon this time, she will yea and verily say, “Yvonne and Jett are my best bitches because they rescued me from the scrapheap of farkdom and brushed me off before setting me to rights again. They cared, really cared, when I was attempting to OD on fark; when I was hell-bent on becoming a fark loser, they had the nads to stand up to me and point and laugh.”
    Yes indeedy, Yvonne, she will say all that and we will FULLY GET TO GLOAT the way only good female friends and mothers can.

  6. melly

    I am dying because of that picture you put of me on your side bar. Oh my God. That’s fucking classic.
    I’ll stop farking when you people hook me up with some heroin.

  7. yvonne

    *hooks you up*
    I’m glad you FINALLY noticed! Hey, that’s the only one I have where your eyes aren’t closed!!
    When are you coming to visit me and my boss (gabby)??

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