you hurted my feelings!

The past few days I’ve not felt very good. I’m not sick, but I’ve been very sensitive about things. I cry easily, I get upset quickly, I feel frustrated at the stupidest things. Last night, Tony finally said something about it.
“You’re not doing well, are you sweetie?” He asked.
I broke down. No, I’m not. I’m not worried yet, I know everyone else is though.
“Oh, could this be the post partum depression her doctor warned her about?”
No. It’s not. If you know me at all, you know that I know depression. You know it nearly ruined my life last year. I promised myself if I ever started to feel that way again, I would reach out for help immediately instead of pulling away from the world like I before.
I just think the drastic changes in my life are taking a toll on my body and my mind. The lack of sleep, learning how to divide my time and affection between three children while trying not to ignore my husband in the process. Then there’s the housework, the bills, the homework, family, friends, animals. Oh, and let’s not FORGET THE GRASS that needs to be watered. I just feel extremely overwhelmed right now. Happy, in love, blessed… but overwhelmed.
Tony recognised it because I’ve been extremely sensitive these past few days and I’m normally not the sensitive type. I’m taking things people say to me the wrong way. I’m interpreting everything as a put down, an insult, as mean, as harsh, etc. I recognize that it’s ME and not everyone else. Sensitive y is not a fun person to live with. (I can NOT believe I just referred to myself in the third person.)
I am not depressed, I’m just in a funk and I’m not sure how to snap out of it.
this helps (THE COMMENTS!!!), because it makes me laugh really hard, but perhaps me and the family need a night out of this house…

8 thoughts on “you hurted my feelings!

  1. Kim

    That has to be the best family photo I have seen in a long long long time!
    Thanks for the snicker!
    Gorgeous baby, by the way.

  2. Deanna

    I hear ya! It must be the curse of womanhood; all those crazy hormones rocketing around. I cry at the drop of a hat lately (21 wks pg)
    Don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself (when you can, ha ha).
    As someone else reminded me recently. if mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy!

  3. Jen

    That was a great link!
    You sound more exhausted and in a period of adjustment than anything else to me (also no stranger to depression, and anti-depressants are my friend).
    The third child is such a HUGE transition.
    I think the humor and wit you show here every day are tremendous and will help you through this period.
    It will get easier. Just not for awhile.

  4. Mrsg

    hang in there it does get better. I read your posts and its like I know exactly where you are. I was there just last month. I have a month on ya with the three kids, the house, the husband (only I threw in a job too). Belive me gets better. Its still hard and I want to throw my hands up at times but then you look around and some how it all feels worth it and the pain and sorrow and helplessness goes away.

  5. kim

    okay yvonne, now how, how, how would you find a site like that? please tell me! this is SO funny! and did you see the links??? “spooner online”, “google” and “the official star trek site”… this has got to make you feel better!!

  6. jl

    Ah Yvonne, even women WITHOUT a history of depression go through what you are. You’re just smart enough to know the difference. Good grief, a new baby, two active little boys, school starting? I’m nuts and I don’t even have little kids anymore.
    I agree, y’all need to get OUT for a while (maybe even just you and the man?). It’ll do you world of good, doll.

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